Ayurveda Approach to PCOS and Ovulation
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Ravini - March 28

Any one tried this and suceeded ? i read that the herb "Asparagus racemosus" is good for :

1. It regulates menstruation and ovulation
2. It helps to remove infertility, prepare the womb for conception.
3. It prevents abortions.
4. During Breast feeding it increases quality and quantity of mother's milk.
5. It is also useful during menopause and after hystrectomies.


i have 3 plants back in my garden.... i was wondering if i should try it...

just posted the above link if you girls would lyk to have a look.. and also check out this :


Good luck to all.. ***BABY DUST****


Ravini - March 28

sorry the link should be lyk this "botanical.com/botanical/ay
after the http

and the other should read as "/oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~cp391990/

i hope this time it works


Ravini - March 28

Damn it... the first link shouldnt have a dash(-) in the ayurveda and in the second link there wont be a dash infornt of the p (in -presentations).... grrr...


Ravini - March 29

guess no one is interested?


p - March 29

interesting but I don't trust herbs as they are not regulated and I'd have no idea what the mixing measurements means.


Ravini - March 29

back here in asia we make broth with it..



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