at home methods to concieve?
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jessika - September 6

I just wanted to know anyones at home methods to try Thanks


sophia - September 7

maybe you could try some herbal supplements.. i read a lot of ladies here take herbal supplements and it worked for them.


m - September 8

I suggest the book "The Infertility Cure". Very informative.


jessika - September 8

I take prenatal vitamins I had a d and c 3 months ago due to blighted ovum and would like to try again. I was three months when i had the procedure and i had complications with it. I got p.i.d. due to the d&c and my hcg did not drop for over a month after d&c. I have never had any stds but i am scared of being infertile or the risks of ectopic pregnancies due to p.i.d. I took a year for me to get pregnant having sex just about every day and i have been trying for the past month any suggestions will help.


unknown - September 8



jessika - September 11

anyone else have any ideason how to get pregnant quik


sally - September 11

What is Robitussin ?


mama-bean - September 11

OOH, be careful with the Robatussin... you use it to help with Cervical mucus ( if on Clomid, drying is a common side effect) but if your cervical mucus is fine, you just flush it and thin it, actually making TTC harder...
Seriously, though.. BOXERS for the guy for @ 3 months before TTC ( takes 90 days to make each sperm) and don't make BD a chore. Also, check with your health food store.. many herbals that regulate cycles, etc and that can be helpful. Research Vitex, etc.


Cendy - September 12

Jessika have you heard of the Instead Soft Cups that you use for AF? Well, I found on another site that you can use them to help you concieve. You put a cup in after you BD and it keeps the sperm near the cervix longer. You can keep the cups in for up to 12 hours. This is my first month using them and I will find out if they worked by this Friday. I just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to try them. You can get them at Walmart and other pharmacies in the feminine products section. I hope this helps.


Britt - September 13

Cendy, let me know how things go with the soft cup, I'm considering using it!!


me - September 13

be careful with supplements too. there is no reason you should take any herbal supplements unless you have an irregular cycle. those herbs just help regulate your cycles, making it easier to determine ovulation. it will not make you ovulate or help you in any other way. I know it is frustrating but if there was a magic cure, we would all be pregnant! :)


jessika - September 13

what is af and bd? My boyfriend always wears boxers. I do have some instead softcups although thay dont seem to keep me from leaking while on my period. I was told by my ob/gyn that taking prenatals for 3months before ttc will reduce risks of miscarriage and birth defects that is why i am taking them. My period is irregular and i cannot figure out when i am ovulating. I am scared that i am infertile now due to the d&c and p.i.d. i am mad at myself for not waiting to have a miscarriage the doctor said the d&c was my best option and i ended up getting p.i.d. from it. which is the #1 cause of infertility and ectopic pregnancies. Cendy could you explain about the softcups without the AF and BD so i could understand thank you. I really want to have a baby and i am ready now I hold my legs up for 20 minutes every time.



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