AT-HOME artificial insemination
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Kay - August 12

Has anybody tried artificial insemination at home? And got pregnant?


KellyN - August 12

What is that?


HUH??? - August 12

how do you do that at home????


TS - August 12

Like with a turkey baster??!? I have actually read posts on that here a long time ago, I think there are people who do it. I remember reading that the "equipment" must be very clean though! Sterile if possible....actually I think I remember the woman on the post used a syringe....don't know much about it really. Why would it be necessary?


Lena - August 12

A good friend of mine and her brother were conceived via turkey baster. This was in the 60's before cryobanks. I believe some cryobanks will allow ICI but other do not.


D. - August 12

This can be very dangerous if you try to inject it straight into your uterus. You run the risk of infection, anaphylactic shock and a host of other issues. Some doctors say you could even die if you don't get help. IUI requires washed sperm so that they can get rid of the white cells, bacteria and a host of other things that can cause complications (things that our bodies take care of naturally during regular intercourse). If you are simply going to deposit the sperm close to the cervix, then that's safe. But to try and shoot it into the cervix or into the uterus, you might be bringing on a whole new set of problems. Just FYI. Oh, and the syringes and turkey basters are usually used either by folks who have performance issues, where the woman's vagina is too constricted, or by lesbians. Anyone who for whatever reason can't get pregnant by the usual route.


Kay - August 13

Thanks for your information.



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