Ask Me If You Like??
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Tinkerbell-Tink - August 13

If you have any questions on infertility or new to infertility treatment I would love to offer advice and information to you. After 13 years on the roller-coaster called infertility I have done it all so to speak. We have had everything from the short protocols to InVitro three times :)


whynotme - August 13

I don't really have any questions, but I just wanted to see if you were successful in conceiving after those 13 years. Must have been a rough ride!!


Tracy88 - August 14

Did you do injectables? and if so, did they give you headaches or did you feel fine? I am prone to migraines, so I am dreading my injectables cycle which should start around the 20th if I don't get my BFP this cycle.


blf0521 - August 14

Ive been on Clomid and I had 2 mature follicles this month and then received a Hsg shot. What do you think my chances of multiples is?? Im not sure.. Dont we normally only have 1 mature follicle?


ROBYN - August 14

I am on Clomid 150mg with Ovidrel injectible. My 1st two months on Clomid and the shot were at 50mg and 100mg were unsucessful with no ovulation. I finally ovulated on the 3rd round at 150 with shot with a natural cycle last month. This month same went on 150 and the trigger shot today. I had 5 very mature follicles and an estro level 993. The RE called and said to warn me that I might get 5 fertilized eggs or obviously less. How much to you think my chances may have improved this month from the previous. We never had this many follicles and estro has never been so high. I go back for my progesterone level in 7 days to see if ovulation happened. Thanks for any info you may have.


hem - August 14

so were you succesful in concieving after 13 years. Were you charing your fertility signs while on treatment? if so i would like to have some help regarding basal body temp charting.


isa - August 14

Tracy I read your question and I have done injectibles 6 times and suffer migraines also. I did not notice any increase in my migraines when I was on them at all.


andrea21 - August 14

Tinkerbell what fertility problems did you have that stalled you from coceiving?



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