Artificial Insemination Question
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Trish - September 26

Hi ladies, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but my husband and I are trying to conceive, but sex is often VERY painful for me due to an medical condition so I was wondering if it is possible to somehow inject sperm into myself without going to a doctor. Would my chances of conceiving be the same as those having traditional sex and is there a way to do this to enhance our chances of conceiving? I'm not sure if anyone knows the answer, but this is the first website I found and thought I'd give it a try. I'm still a little embarassed to discuss this with my Gyno..... Thanks!


hi trish - September 26

Unfortunately, when you get an IUI, they insert a catherter type thing directly through your cervix, guaranteeing that the sperm bypasses any cm issues and is deposited directly into the uterus. You need to see your cervix in order to do this and should not attempt anything like this without your dr. If you have conception problems, your chances would be greater with IUI, but not guaranteed. Talk to your dr about all your options. Good luck.


Trish - September 26

Thanks for the response. I'm just really modest when it comes to my body around doctors and hoped to do it myself. But I still have some chance, right?


me - September 26

there is such a thing as at home insemination. basically the tuckey baster method. It sounds ridiculous but it works and the conception rate is only slightly lower than traditional sex. The website is if that doesn't work then just type in at home insemination into a search engine and you should be able to find all kinds of info. Hope that helps


Indi - September 26

Home AI is very common. Home IUI, however, should NOT be done. You CAN inject sperm into your vagina via "turkey baster" method (there are actually pipettes sold for this process, or you can use a simple syringe without the needle what you'd use to give a baby medicine) but never ever ever ever put fresh sperm into your uterus. It can cause anaphylaxis and death. IUI sperm is JUST sperm, specially washed by a doctor and inserted by a person who is specially trained.

"me" is right that home insem is almost as effective as natural method. For some, it can even be more effective.


Trish - September 27

Thanks Indi, it's worth a try, right? I guess I'll try it for at least a couple of months and if I don't get pregnant, I'll talk to my doctor. Not to be gross, but do you know how I long the sperm is good for once he ejaculates? are we talking seconds, minutes, etc...


Indie - September 27

Hi Trish,

As long as it stays "wet" it can last over a day. If it's out in the open though, it will dry up very quickly. Sperm can live up to 3 days in utero.

You should check out some of the AI websites. Lots of people (like me) out there who are single or have to do home insem for other reasons. You may also want to try the Instead Cup. It's a diaphragm like thingy that is used as an alternative to tampons during af, but also works great if you fill it with sperm, set it up around your cervix... just an alternative to the turkey baster... I have some if you'd like me to send them. I have a friend who conceived this way, but I can't seem to use them. I can't even do tampons, so the whole reaching up inside thing is a bit much for me (sorry to be so graphic). Good luck! Let me know how you go, and if you'd like the instead cups, you can have them.

Here's one website with home insem instructions, incl. ones for the instead cup:



Molly - September 27

Hi Trish, in answer to how long does sperm live outside the body, I'm not an expert b any means but when my husband was tested he had to take the sperm to the lab and have it tested within an hour, otherwise it would die. So I'm not sure if it is the same thing ... good luck!


danny1219 - June 9

Hello. A friend of mine, is going to have a baby for me, I am a male. And we are looking to do an at home artificial insemination method. Do you know somewhere that might sell a kit for this procedure. Or is a needleless syringe good enough or a turkey baster? If so. what is the best way to go about it? Should i ejaculate into a sterolized cup (provided) by a docter, then eject the semen into the baster or syringe and then she injects it into herself? Is that the procedure? Can you please help me.


Ann1 - June 9

danny, I suppose you could do this vaginally with whatever method as you described. However, you cannot do a true insemination on your own, because it is very dangerous to inject unwashed sperm into a woman's uterus. It causes severe cramping and vomiting due to the chemical group contained in sperm called prostaglandins. Is there a reason why you cannot have this procedure done at the dr's office?


crystal74 - June 9

this sounds dangerous?? you have sex and the sperm swim up into the uterus so why would that kill you if you injected it directly into the uterus?? i don't get it. I would leave it up to the dr.'s... or just have sex with her.good luck


slowpoke01 - June 9

an at home insemination is not the same as an iui so it would not be dangerous to use a turkey baster or a needleless suringe the reason that it is dangerous to do an at home iui is because you have to use a catherdar and you have to use washed sperm but with a turkey baster or a suringe you would not be putting it into you uterus it would just be like having sex or putting a tampon in


danny1219 - June 10

Hello, I am not looking to do an IUI, I understand the dangers in that procedure. I have purchased an at home artificial insemiation kit to do it at home. I am doing this with a friend. She is very vertile, and she is willing to be a surrogate mother for me. This comes with a needleless syringe, and a cup for me to do my business. I know everything has to be clean. And it comes that way. I was told that I would have to put my semen in the cup provided, and inject it into the syrings and tap any air pockets out of it, and she takes it and injects it into herself (During ovulation, which we bought a kit for that) and then lie down for at least half an hour so it has a better chance of working. And see what happens two weeks later, which we bought a home pregnancy test. They said it is as effective as intercourse, It is not the long syringe to go directly into her uterus, Just inside her vagina. I found all this info on the internet and asking a fertility doctor. Thanks


slowpoke01 - June 10

good luck to you danny hope everything turns out fine i knew you werent talking aout doing an iui at home that y i wrote that there where no dangers i think some people just got a little confused as to what you were asking hope that you get that ig fat positive after the 2 weeks let us know what happens


danny1219 - June 12

Thanks slowpoke01, I will post the results when i get them. Take care to all.



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