arthritis and pregnancy
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JoAnn - June 11

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had problems conceiving with having arthritis? I was put on predisone since some other drugs I was taking wasn't safe for pregnancy. Now since the predisone my af is out-of-wack making it difficult to conceive. Just wondering if anyone had some insight on the matter. Thanks.


Dee - June 11

I'm on prednisone and have arthritis also. My af is also out of whack but to be honest, I never connected the two because I just came off BCP 3 months ago and thought it was because of that. My first cycle was 54 days and now I'm on day 32 of the 2nd cycle. I think I will give up ttc soon though and go back on my meds.


JoAnn - June 12

Dee,Thanks for your response. I have been trying for 18 mos and am on clomid now hoping to speed things along. Some days I wish I could take the meds until I knew I was preg but just don't want to take that chance. It's been a long haul but will be worth it in the end! Especially since I heard arthritis goes in to remisson during pregnancy!!



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