army wife needs help right away!
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t - August 21

well me and my husband had sex for 2 weeks while he was on leave, and no pregnancy, so should i start taking the pill then get off right before he gets back ? today would be the day i would start so i need to know right away. thanks....


Alycia - August 21

I'm an army wife too, and I did the on the pill, off the pill business when he would come home/leave. I really regretted it. My hormones felt so messed up each time that it's just not worth it. If you want to get pregnant when he comes back, I would recommend just letting your body get back into its groove off the pill. Hope this helps.


to t - August 21

if you are trying to fall pregnant there is no need to get back on the pill. let your body have a break.


??? - August 22

Why would you take the pill if your husband is gone? If you are taking it to regulate your cycle, now is the time to get off to find out how normal your cycle is. And to work with your doctor to get ready to TTC.


cj - August 22

i went off the pill and my cycle went haywire for a few months as well as when i went on it last year. i will never go back on it again and think it is what messed me up for irregular cycles. my suggestion is to go off it, get your body so you recognize the pattern of your periods, start basal temps so you know when u ovulate and then when he comes home...u know exactly when to do it. I also recommend only every other day. thats what my clinic says.


Army wife 2 - August 22

I would definitely have to agree with the other ladies to stay off the pill. That way when he returns, your body will be all see. Best of luck to you! I am in the same boat and I have to wait till he return. It's sad but true.



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