Are you waiting for no AF on 7/24?
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Colleen - June 30

Hey Ladies!! Let's get this party started:) We can share info and support eachother through this long wait. Here is my info & I'd love to hear from all of you!!!!! I am 34 and married. I went off BC around April '04. I live in Ohio. We have no children (unless you count my DH) and 5 dogs. It seemed to take a while for O to get back on track after BC. Also, until recently my DH wasn't sure about having children. He was worried he wouldn't be a good dad. Now he wants to, but he doesn't want to plan anything or really try. He says, "When it happens, it happens." FRUSTRATING!!!! I m on Ovulex and trying some other over the counter vit & herbs. Oh well, here I am looking for people to wait with. No matter what...Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!!!


kc - June 30

I'm due for the visit on July 16 so I'll wait with you. I just oed yesterday. Boy I really hate the waiting game.


Colleen - June 30

Me too! I hope she does a no-show. Good Luck


Abersmom - July 1

Hey there! I will be due the 23rd! i have a 3 y/o daughter, whom took 11 months to conceive. I had an HSG test, and 5 days later she was conceived! We've been tring for #2 for close to a year now, with no luck. I ovulate like clockwork, so I had another HSG test done today, so keeping my fingers crossed!
Looking forward to some serious baby dust!!!!


kc - July 1

I'm in the same boat as you Abersmom. It took 2 years with 2 mc for my daughter now 4. We've been ttc for 14 months with this one with 1 mc in april. What is a hsg test? Maybe I should have one done?


Kelly - July 1

HI! I am due for (no, hopefully) af on July 24. I am actually on my third day of clomid right now. This is my first round. I had a miscarriage in January and the doctor has done some tests in the meantime and I haven't been ovulating. No period either, I've had three in the last 11 months! I wouldn't mind that if I wasn't trying to get pregnant! I have to go back to the doctor on day 20 to see if I ovulated, so I think me and the hubby will be doing the baby dance on days 10 -20...Baby dust to all! Let's all wait together!!


Colleen - July 3

Good luck to everyone!!! Waiting SUCKS!!


Kelly - July 12

Hi! Just wanted to see how everyone was doing! I actually made a typo in my first post, I am due for (no) af on 22, but close enough. Hubby and I have been doing the baby dance every other day since day 10 (which was July 4). I had some pains in my right side over the weekend, so I thought I was ovulating, but no cm. Then this morning the pains returned and now I have cm, so I think I might be ovulating today.....I'm new to all this stuff so I am hoping that if we do the dance today will work. Our last "encounter" was on Sunday Baby dust to all!


Krystle - July 12

I am actually due for AF on the 21st. My birthday is on the 22nd so hopefully I will have the best birthday ever. DH and I have been trying for a year now. I am on my 2nd bottle of Ovulex. Hopefully this is it for us. Good luck to everyone. We need some new BFP's around here! baby dust for everyone!!!


Kelly - July 12

My Mom's birthday is on the 30 of this month, so I am hoping to give her a great b-day present as well! My Dad died in Nov of last year, so this would be a great b-day present for her.


39&tcc - July 13

I am due for AF on 7/15 and I am pretty regular. I have been on Ovulex for a full month and a few days. I will see if it affects my AF this month. If AF is a no show, I will not know if it is because I am preg, or if it is due to the Ovulex. *sigh* The waiting game gets to me sometimes. Patience is a virtue. I only have 3 days to wait, but I swear it feels like 3 months. I am staying positive and at least I know that I can bounce back if AF does show. I've done it for almost 3 years now, so I can dust off disappointment and get set to try again next month.

*wishing as many get preg as possible. Throwing huge handfuls of baby dust* When I read some of the stories it just breaks my heart. I really wish that I had a magical wand, and I could just tap a name w/it on the computer and make that name preg. Hang in there! Keep the faith and try to smile and be happy when you see others preg. Don't be sad or mad, just pray that they will be wonderful parents and ask God to give you the opportunity to be one too.

Keeping all in my prayers!


Jill - July 13

I'm due for af on the 22nd, but lately I'm all over the place. Last month, I was regular, so maybe af will be dependable this month!


Ginger - July 13

I am waiting for no AF on 7/22, so that is very close. I am also 34. My husband is 35. We are in Kentucky. I have a daughter that is 8, and 2 stepdaughters 9 & 6. We decided last summer that we wanted to try for 1 together. I had been on depo, so it has been a long wait. I started Metformin a couple of months ago, and clomid this cycle. My temps show I ovulated on day 25. I hope that it is right. Baby dust to you!


Kelly - July 13

Hi Everyone...I am waiting for a call from the doc, but I think I have to go back for blood work tomorrow to see if I ovulated. My breasts are kind of sore, so I don't know what to think right now. Plus I am having some strange pains in my stomach, nothing seriously at all. Almost like gas or something, but I don't have gas?? I can only wish it is my stomach muscles expanding for a growing tummy......keep in touch everyone, we only have a short amount of time left to dust to all.


Kelly - July 15

Hey kc - how are you feeling....??



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