are you superstisous
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kim - June 6

does anybody believe in miracles??? in the uk and some other countries theres museums called "Ripleys believe it or not" its a fertility statue that you touch or rub its stomach and then wait for the miracle to happen. im going there next week so wish me luck. they have reported that over 1000 women have got pregnant in the last 4 years since going there


Chrissy - June 6

Oh I have heard of that. I want to go there and touch that too,lol.


kim - June 6

to chrissy, where are you from??? if you dont mind me asking?


Drew - June 6

So... how much do plane tickets to the UK run at?! I'm so there!


Miss Kitten - June 6

I touched one at a ripleys believe it or not... but i was on birth controll at the time!!! :( hopefull it will still work now im off it... lol good luck to you all!


christina - June 6

hey girls,
i am superstitous as well, and very religious, i dont know how many ofyou are catholic or not, but i wear a metal os St.Gerard who is for mothers expecting or trying to conceive, and also St. Anthony for miracles, i am not pregnant but my faith helps me believe i someday will be and so will all of you who are ttc!



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