Are very high temps after O on clomid a sign of pregnancy?
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Courtney - January 27

Could extremely high temps on clomid after ovulation be a sign of early pregnancy? I understand this drug mimics pregnancy, but does anyone that has gotten pregnant on clomid in the past remember what their temps were?I have had between 98.8 and 99.1in the DPO and am currently on 8DPO.


Tracy - January 27

The good news about your temps being up right now is that high levels of progesterone will raise your basal body temp. That does not necessarily mean you are PG. You might not even have implanted yet. The high progesterone level is caused by having good, quality follicles this month, the high temp could be caused by the high prog. level from the good follicles. Last month I was on clomid and had very high day 21 progesterone levels. Did they do a day21 blood test on you within the last few days?


Ashleyg - January 27

i was wondering the same i am 9dpo and for the past few days i have been running a real low grade fever (99.7 at its highest) that an early sign or am i just sick? my doc does not do a 21 day blood test...


Courtney - January 27

Thanks Tracy.
Thank goodness. That sounds very positive and I have never had temperatures like this before! Yes they checked my progesterone and said it was very good at 31.5. When I asked my dr., all she said was that it was very good.(never told me about weird symptoms on clomid either-oh well.) Is that normal? I wonder what it is supposed to be if you are pregnant? Are your temps similar?


Courtney - January 28

Hi Ashley. I am not sure, but 99.7 sounds a little high. Are you sick? I could be totally wrong, it's hard to say, but that seems high. Good luck to you.I know the waiting is horrible! I've looked at and their are pregnant charts on there-w/clomid and w/o. You should check it out. It has early prego symptoms from women too.


Tracy - January 28

Hey girls. I had a progesterone level of 32.6 last cycle and still did not get PG. BUT my doctor is confident that some day soon it will happen. If you were PG, your prog. level will not show it at this point. The reason is that your current level kind-of blends in with the range of early PG levels, so they couldn't tell by looking at prog. alone. I don't temp, although I know I should, but I had done some research on the high prog. and read about how it affects your temps. If I am correct, Ashleyg has been a little sick recently.



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