Are these symptoms of pregnancy or PMS????
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d - October 13

that is me craving spinach for some odd reason.


kerry - October 13

Hey HRG................sorry your test was neg.........still time tho?? Still feel like I am imagining symptoms know if i read someone say they got green spots on their face as a symptom I'm sure I would see green spots on my face the next day!!! Sorry your feeling annoyed about medication and weight........if you feel better off it then surely thats 100% healthier for you isnt it? I know what you mean about people on the large size getting pregnant still....I used to smoke (gave up 7 weeks ago) cos my gyn kept nagging saying it wont help me blah blah blah and I wont get put on any treatment if I still how do all them millions of people who smoke get pregnant????????? Bloody pisses me off it does. IN answer to sperm affecting your test I cant give you any answer, I really dont know, sorry, hope someone else know for ya............***baby dust to all***


HotRodGurl - October 14

Hey Kerry, funny I found one or two other girls on here who had cravings of spinach too...none who are preggo but, at least it's hope maybe...??..=/ Sorry to hear about the whole smoking thing...yea, I understand how you friend smoked..I mean chain smoked through out her pregnancy and drank a little bit and no is normal and healthy. Funny how things like that can happen. Still though I don't recommend it during pregnancy. Before why not...during don't...after do whatever you feel like. Besides if it was for weed and alcohol some of us people on here wouldn't exist..right? Well, anyways...I've been feeling very tired and sleepy well as my left boob has been tingly...hardly any cramps though...and still no AF..(=P) Been drinking caffeine free sodas lately...and starting to feel fat (er)....haha...well, overall how have you been feeling? for the past 4 days my temps have been almost the same...98.4 , 98.4 , 98.2 , and 98.3. I'm beginning to wonder now...I heard your temps have to stay high at least 18 days if not longer in order for some dr. to believe you have any possiblity of being pregnant. I still haven't foudn out if DH's sperm could falsify the results of my pg test. Another reason I possibly won't start my period is maybe because I stopped the metformin and dr. said the metformin is supossed to make my period come and regulate them...but I believe there is a better way then taking this medicine..I don't know how some women and put up with it...I just can't....Now, when I took Provera to make my period come I have no problem BUT....If I am preggo...I can't take provera...but I can take metformin but, how would I know if I'm pregnant unless I take a pg. test...right? SO....I believe having my period once every two months is fine with me..I don't have to have it every month...I'm not in a big hurry I'm still young...but, at the same time I would love for it to happen. Well, what do you think? maybe I'm just going


kerry - October 14

Sooo have you tested again yet?!!??!!??!! Dying to know!! I cant help you figure out the medication cos I dont know anything about it, sorry! Today I am mainly feeling..........nothing in my tummy, no cramps no nothing, need to go to the loo for a poo(sorry for too much detail) a lot tho, I have really bad lower back pain, like as if I have a period, my boobs are sore to touch on the sides and underneath but not so big, and not painful all over, still tingling every now and then, I still keep getting this strange tast in my mouth, like I have licked a coin??!! I got a bit of an itch down below today god knows!! I just keep telling myself to expect my period come monday or tuesday then I wont be way I suppose! Not had any desire for spinach tho....LOL!!!


aish - October 14

keep us posted frnds...praying for u all to get BFP


HotRodGurl - October 14

Hey, I didn't test today because today is the day I'm supossed AF according to the drs. plan...still haven't seen her yet....but I am cramping a little bit and I'm extrememly I could just sleep all day...wish I could. I'm going to try my hardest to wait two more days...on Monday morning I'll retest again. It's going to be hard..I know. I keep looking at the tests I have in a little pile of mine I've created...from across the's like candy for a little kid...self control is something I've always needed work on. haha! My boobs were hurting yesterday on the sides and underneath too...but not so much's like one day they hurt really bad the next not at all hardly...hummm...weird. Course then again I just woke up took my temp, went to pee, and came in here to talk to you a life I I am starting to noticed white bumps on my nipples...of course they are hard..they stay that way and still sore to touch but, I noticed when I look at them closely I see these tiny little white bumps...and my skin around it shrivles kinda...well, it looks like it's's hard to explain. I know my pee is getting a stronger smell to it...if I really think about does kinda smell sweet a little bit like kids cereal...hehe...and I'm peeing more often. I'm sure I have all these tiny little s/s as I go on day to day....but are they good enough to transfrom a neg. pg test into a pos. pg. test.??? who knows....I might be back on here later on today if anything else come AF or something...I hope not. Good Luck BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**************************


kerry - October 14

hey HRG...................I really dont know how you can bare to have them tests in your house and not use them!!!! I am SOOOO dying to buy one but am trying so hard not to give into temptation!!! If you wanna email me plese do [email protected], sometimes easier for me to access email than here...***baby dust to all***


kerry - October 15

oh no.............I have woke up this morning and I really feel like af is gonna come, my back is killing me and I have a slight rumble in my lower tummy, my boobs feel like normal again, little bit painful to touch but not heavy and tingly anymore.....oh god, hoiw many more months do I have to go throught this??? Did you re test again? Hope you got some good news? X


HotRodGurl - October 15

Hey, I didn't retest yet but last night I started to get that "eating pennies" taste in my mouth...and when I went to lay down in bed my lower stomach started to cramp no matter what postion I got in.....I'm at little ok..but, I am starting to feel like I'm going to have diaherria all day today and that's normal for me when I'm on my period but, I haven't started, I don't know what's boobs don't really hurt anymore either just my nipples...I'll let you know later how it goes...oh btw, I might email you later today. Take care! fingers crossed!!!***********************************


kerry - October 15

Oh god.....even more anxious now than ever............... I couldnt hold on anymore, so went and bought a test, now the test is only supposed to be used from the first day of your missed period, which is one or two days away for me.but impatient me had to do it today!!!! Anyways..........after about 4 minutes there was a very very very very faint line in the result window..........even my boyfriend can see it but now I dont know what to think???? I also had loads to drink prior to me taking the test too and obviously it wasnt a first morning test.....Is it a positive and I just tested too early for the line to be darker???? Or is that line always there ready to show as a positive???????? I am going insane here!!!!!! I been really tearful all day too. Suppose all I can do is wait til Monday and if I havent bled by then re test????? Glad to hear you got that "eating pennies" taste too, its awful isnt it?!!!!! Will check my email later too incase you send me one........good luck xx


Nina - October 21

This is to all of you.I am in the same boat here.I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now and no luck.I am 21 years old and my husband is 26.We want a baby so bad and i get really jeolous of all the people around me with babies.I am trying every month to have a baby period due on oct 25th it is the 20th and i know fill like i am having some pms symptoms.Cramping and all that i wish i was pregnant and all of you who want to be also.


christine - October 23

Its probably AF ladies, i have these symptoms every month and no pregnancy


kerry - October 24

Well, 3 tests later ladies, they were all positive!! I am now officially 6 weeks pregnant!! Have faith everyone, it will happen when the time is right ***baby dust to you all***



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