Are these symptoms of pregnancy or PMS????
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kerry - October 11

ok, last period on 21 sept, had sex 3, 4 and 6 oct, AF next due around 16/17 oct, been peeing a lot, breasts tingly (but always are before af) have got really prominent blue veins on my breasts, get a flutter in my stomach and down below?!, feel wet down below but no discharge, cant stop eating, cant sleep very well.........does anyone think these might be pregnacy signs or is my overactive imagination playing cruel tricks on me again??????


To Kerry - October 11

It could be either. Check your nipples for more quanitity and size on all the little bumps. You can check the vulva for it to be a much darker color (blood flow). Then, just be hopeful, sadly the symptoms are so similar and we all understand what you are going through! Baby dust.


aish - October 11

hi Kerry even my last AF was on 21 cycle is 29 days and i will get my AF(NOT) on 20/21 oct,,,i have sore boobs and back ache ... so how long is ur cycle?


HotRodGurl - October 11

Hi, Kerry I'm experiencing the same thing but nobody responding to my post but, my last period was on the 14th of sept. and DH and I Bd'ed off and on through out the rest of the month and I'm experiencing the same symptoms as you. I've been having horrible lower pelvic cramps not so much anymore and my boobs have been sore mostly just my nipples and they've been like porn star nipples.( very pointy and stay that way) as well as they have been getting bigge and more detailed looking. And I definately am starting to eat a little more than usual too. and I noticed yesterday I've been very watery like down there too. I'm hoping I am but, I'm too scared to take a pg test. Besides I can't test until one day after my missed period. I also am sooo tired too and I don't know if it's just my body telling me I need more sleep or what. But I believe my cycle is 31 days but, I'm irregular or I'm not sure. are you regular? good luck with the turn out!


kerry - October 11

Thanks for replies girls! My cycle is on average 26/27 days, it has been 23 days before but only on 2 occasions, I was on depo for 9 months and last jab was due Jan 2004 but didnt go for it, periods were all over the place until Jan this year when they are now more regular, I know what you mean hotrodgurl about your nipples.....I can be sitting there then all of a sudden they will go rock hard?!!!!(when is your AF due?) But I am just worried cos this all may just be PMS symptoms and have wasted so much money on tests and I cant bare the dissapointment dust to all and fingers and toes crossed!!! x


HotRodGurl - October 11

Hey Kerry, my af is supossed to be due on the 14th of this month which is friday but I'm going to try to wait until monday just incase I didn't count right. I hope it isn't PMS...usually when I have already started that's when the cramping happens but usually it's all over cramping never before or after. I want to test so bad but, I don't want to give up hope either.


kerry - October 12

HotRodGurl...............Am hoping Friday will bring you the news you want (or whenever you test) Its so awful the waiting, waiting to be let down again, Hopefully the cramps are a sign, I do tend to get cramps before my period is due then they get worse when I am on but so far for me I havent really had any cramps yet and am due in 4 days or so so hopefully things are back to fron for us for a special reason!!!!! Thinking of you x


kerry - October 12

oh noooooooo, have had an awful day, I overheard one of my neighbours talking to another recently pregnant neighbour and I'm sure I heard her say shes also pregnant (know she told me 2 months ago she was trying cos her son just started school and she didnt want to have to go find a she deserves it!) I am sooooo angry, jealous, upset. Then when I got to work my tummy just started with period like pains and white discharge. I am so down, how I've managed to keep the tears back I dont know. Wish AF would ust come now and not put me throught this torture for 4 more days.


Maria - October 12

Hi there.
I have experienced the same symptoms. I have had one round of clomid and my period was due to arrive on the 9th.when it was a day late i was so happy but the next day i started i am on my second round of clomid.Hope this time it is going to work..>>>A LOT OF BABY DUST TO YOU ALL!!!!!


HotRodGurl - October 12

Kerry, I'm so sorry to hear that, it really pisses me off to know people who work so hard to have a great home and nice things and really want a baby don't usually get one, but those out there who don't even try to survive like automatically get one. It's like maybe I should quit my job and lay up in bed watching tv and then maybe I can get pregnant. iT just bugs me. it also makes me mad but, when I see teens who sleep around like it's drinking water and end up pregnant without even trying...ha! Also, girls out there who are 12-15 years old and who want to have a baby now! I'm like how in the hell are you going to take care of it. They just think mom and dad are going to while they have fun. If my mom and dad heard me say that they would have kicked me out a long time ago. and said, go you want to play grown up then, go get a job, pay bills, have a baby like a grown up. And then to hear they hit their own parents...what makes us think that they won't hit the baby?!? ARGH!!! Well, anyways...sorry had to vent but glad you guys listen. Last night I was gonna take a pg test just for the hell of it and I didn't hold the test right and I think I got like 3 drops of pee on it and I waited to see it anything came up but, it didn't and I thought well, I'll just wait until the morning (today) and take it, well, to my suprise I went to the bathroom and low and behold the test actually read those three drops I mean you feel the stick and it's dry!!! But the test was very faint and neg. AF isn't supossed to be here until friday. SO, I'm not letting that test get me any more down than I already am. I'm not cramping anymore...maybe one cramp in 3 or 4 hours...boobs are still sore though and I've been having a lot of headaches and my throat has been itching a lot (but I know that's not a preggo sign..maybe allergies). Alright I guess I'll go now and read other peoples questions. Let me know how everything goes...take care! baby dust to all of us!*****


kerry - October 12

Hey HRG!! Oh I am with you on your anger......SO like my neighbour. Shes never worked, had her first kid at 17, stayed at home, her boyfriend started suggesting she might wanna look for work seeing as their son was starting school......(she goes out clubbing nearly every weekend, she smokes he smokes and drinks beer every night) then lo and behold shes managed to get herself pregnant so she wont have to get off her arse and go to work (wouldnt mind but her house is a mess too...sorry, being very bitchy now!!) AAAARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! God I wish I could shout that out loud!!! OH NO ref your boo boo with the test........maybe there wasnt enough on there to test properly thats why its neg????? I still got what feels like my period belly.....dull ache all across the bottom....still got these tingly beloved keeps looking at them and reminding me how I must be due on......great, even he knows I'm not pregnant! But speaking of throats, I keep getting a dry tickly you think we have unveiled a new symptom?!! Also noticed that today and yesterday when I have been for a pee its smelt like sugar puffs sometimes.......?????.....and once or twice I have had like a metallicy taste in my mouth, but I know you can get that so just wondering if its all in the mind and just imagining more symptoms again?!!!! My nipples dont seem to be any darker tho like suggested........ack I hate the waiting game........BABY DUST TO ALL X


Anna - October 12

Maybe this will be encouraging to you girls. I'm 11 1/2 weeks pregnant and about a week before my af was due, I started getting normal pms s/s. Cramping, bloating, feeling like crap, etc... I thought for sure that my af was on it's way. I can't tell you how many times I booked it for the ladies room thinking that my af was coming NOW! But instead, those pms s/s were actually from pregnancy and implantation. And my nipples started (and still do) standing out very prominently. As HotRodGurl said, " pornstar nipples"! It's hard when early pregnancy s/s so closely resemble pms s/s. Good luck and I wish you all the best! Hopefully you'll be getting good news soon! :)


HotRodGurl - October 13

Hi Kerry and everyone else, I went to the dollar store and bought 3 pg test dollar store brand...I hope it's good enough...and it works...I'm gonna use it tomorrow morning, I'll let you guys know...also today I have been the biggest bitch to everyone around me...and I have been crying off and on for no reason..I don't know what's come over me...Also I've been having urges to pee but I don't doesn't hurt or anything just the feeling like I have to go. And I can't ever get full when I eat...I want to eat all the time! This doesn't help when ur trying to lose weight!..haha...anyways...maybe it's a good thing for once to be and get fatter in my case. Well, I'll keep you guys posted and let you know...kerry, I heard that urine smell changes could be a sign too...not very common but it could be! I hope it is! I haven't even checked or noticed mine yet...maybe I will see in the morning while I take the test...hehe..well, good luck with it! fingers crossed!XXXXXX


HotRodGurl - October 13

Oh hey...I forgot to mention that the other day when I went to my parents house for dinner they had spinach and I usually hate spinach I won't go near it...and for some reason earlier that day I actually was craving it...and when I went over there I had almost a bowl full along with meatloaf and mash potatoes....but like 30 min to an hour later I started feeling like I was gonna puke....Now I heard of not eating your fave foods but, what about eating your not so fave foods...? Also, I'm starting to have a small cramping like AF is about to start on my right waist right above my's weird. All day I've been feeling like I'm about to start...the past three days my temps have been 98.4, 98.4, and 98.2 when before they were mostly in the 97.'s....and I am also kinda starting to get dry i think...I'm beginning to think I'm not preggo but, it's like for every 3 signs I am I have 1 or 2 say I am not. It's so confussing....I'm trying not to stress cause it's not good to stress but, I wish I knew a simple. yes, I am. or no, I am not. test will be in the morning I'll post again after I take it...good luck...let me know what's going on with everyone dust*****


kerry - October 13

CONGRATULATIONS ANNA!!!! Thanks for your support.......fingers crossed it is all signs and implantation. My cramps seem to have gone today, thinking maybe I had them yesterday cos I was really stressed with discovering more people pregnant? My boobs dont seem to be aching as much tho, still veiny but not hurting. have so much patience........I couldnt have them 3 tests lying around and not use them!!! I hope and pray for you that the results are + when you test......let us know yer? So any more cravings for spinach??!!!! Same as you tho I just cant fill my belly with enough food, could just nibble all day!!!!! Well gotta go work but will come back on as soon as to check for more dust to all xxxx


HotRodGurl - October 13

Hey ANNA I'm so happy for you! sorry I dind't say anything at the earlier i must have accidently skipped you sorry. But, your story does give us hope thanks for sharing. Kerry, I haven't craved spinach anymore but, boy am I hungry a lot! I took my test this morning ugh...neg. BUT! my period doesn't come until tomorrow...I will test again on monday if it doesn't come and then if still neg I will wait and test at the end of the then it would be a week late and also time to buy more pg. tests. The test I I bought it's supossedly the same type used by doctors and it's 99.8% accurate in clinical trials as well as it picks up 25mlU/ml. Maybe still positive but I'm less than 25? Who knows...All I know is if I don't start by the 25th and I still haven't gotten a pg test then I'm gonna request a blood test from the doctor. That's the day I'm supossed to follow up with him. But, he also doesn't know I haven't been taking my meds either. I'm supossed to be taking 2500 mgs. of metformin...and i haven't taken it in like 2 or 3 weeks now. And personally I like the way I am off of it...but, I know I haven't lost any weight..and I just know when I go back in to see him he's gonna wonder why I haven't been losing weight...I'm sick of him always askign about ym, me being fat did not give me these cramping pains, two, my boobs hurt thats not a result of being fat, three, I'm happy the way I look...yes, I know I'm overweight...but, get over it I see women twice my size and they get pregnant...if all my problems are being solved to lose weight then why am I taking all these meds...why am I seeing an ob/gyn dr. why doesn't he refer me to a nutritionist instead of an overly priced fertility specialist?? It doesn't make sense to me at all. my family believes I should just stop taking all meds...focus more onn my marriage and my work and everything and maybe when I least expect it I wil get pregnant. Sounds good but, what if I wasted time and it doesn't happen...hubby is happy with adoption...I am too but, right now him and I are barely surviving how could we afford to adopt a baby? anyways, hope everything goes well with everyone else. Also, do you think because DH and I BD'ed last night that when I woke up to take the test could his semen effected the test results...considering after we BD'ed I didn't pee at all...I just fell asleep the whole you think that's maybe why it came out neg too? let me know fingers crossed.....*********


d - October 13

that is me craving spinach for some odd reason.



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