Are Ovulation predictor kits helpful for enyone?
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Question - May 20

i know the opk is used to find you most fertile days, but I never read a percentage of suceeding. my husband and i have been trying for a while now and thinking of purchasing the opk. Does anyone know how well and the outcome of opk?


AlannaB - May 21

Hello! I started using the opk's after I m/c in October. I got a (+) every month until last month. I started testing on day 10 just to be safe. I am now taking clomid to help. Your test line has to be darker than the refrence line to show a (+). Good luck to you!!!!!


angelgabby84 - May 21

Hi!! I have used opk's for the last two cycles. The first cycle i was really unsure how they worked so dont know if they worked or not. and the second cycle i did one every day of my cycle and i never got a positive not even a faint line and i was doing the test at the same time every day (when i arrived home from work) And would sometimes do two or three per day at the weekends. I will not be using opk's again as i am sick of the sight of negative tests.



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