Are my chances of getting pregnant decreased?
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Little L - August 26

I've always had odd menstrual cycles -- anywhere from 30 to 44 days, and I can never pin down the exact day that my period will start. Will my erratic cycle decrease my chances of being able to get pregnant?


leonia - August 26

hi little ,i don't think your chances are decreased.the only thing that could be difficult is tracking down ovulation day.and even that's not difficult now.they have test strips and monitors that can help .finding ovulation day is the most important's best to have sex the days before ovulation and day after.wish you the best of luck ttc


D. - August 26

Actually, your chances are decreased because you have fewer cycles to work with. If you have three cycles around 40 days long, that's 4 cycles for the "average" 38-30 day cycle woman. Does that make sense? Also, if you ovulate very late, it could mean that the quality of the egg MAY (note I say MAY) not be as good as if it had been ovulated earlier. Doesn't mean you WON'T get pg. Just that it may be harder than the average.



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