Are fertility meds really worth it??
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m - December 19

Tommorrow I go to the MD to look into fertility med options. I have only one ovary and so far have not been able to conceive. They said after 6 months of trying I would need intervention to help. The problem is I keep hearing of all the nasty side effects of fertility drugs, and still sometimes dont even work. Are theses meds as bad as everybody says, and on average how long does it take to get pregnant. Does insurance cover any of the costs? I am just a little worried about all of this, and words of encouragement would help.


L - December 19

m - it really depends on what regimen of medication your doctor puts you on. As far as side effects go, the degree and type are different for everyone. All insurances are also different, the meds I take (clomid & "trigger shot") are very inexpensive under my insurance. For me personally, I think the costs are very worth what the outcome could be (a baby). I am sure your doctor will put you on the right path for you. I hope I have helped. Good luck and baby dust to you!!


m - December 19

How long did it take you to conceive with fertility meds? Did you have any side effects?


L - December 20

I am on my 3rd round of clomid, and have not conceived yet. The side effects that I experienced were: headache, nausea, and hot flashes. All of these side effects occurred in the first month only. In the second month I just experienced hot flashes and in the third month no side effects at all. I am 43 ttc our first. I have had only one follice each cycle with 50mg of clomid.


m - December 20

I went to the MD today, and he said that he doesnt think I get a period each month, but that the 2-3 day bleeding I see each month is from ovulation spotting. I think I am going to seek a second opinion on this matter. He says its impossible to ovulate after your period ends or even close to it. Its just to strange to think that I ovulate, bleed with clots, and then have no period after that. What do you think?


L - December 20

m - I would get a second opinion also. I have never heard of ovulation bleeding - not that it doesn't exist - just I have never heard of it. Why does he think that it is ovulation bleeding and not your period?


m - December 21

I talked to my regular MD today and told her what the Gyno said, and she thought it was the strangest thing she has ever heard. She scheduled me with her friend who is a gyno on 12-22. Hopefully I will get some better advice there. This other guy thought the bleeding I saw every month was from ovulation? I have heard sometimes when a women ovulates she may see slight spotting, but not heavy bleeding like I see.He also said I had to wait over a year before he would even consider me for fertility meds. We have not been using any kind BC for over a year and activily trying for 6 months, with no results. I dont think that I am ovulating, I have never been able to get a positive ovulation test. I just dont want to wait a year before somebody tells me, oh you have fertility issues.


L - December 22

Hi m!! I am glad that you are being set up with a different gyno! Just tell this one that you have been actively ttc for over a year and that you would like to be referred to an RE. Sometimes a little fib like that doesn't hurt. An RE will monitor you more closely than a ob/gyn will. My RE checks for ovarian cysts, tells me when I am ready to ovulate, gives me a "trigger shot" so that I will ovulate within 12-36 hours, etc. He is very good to work with. Keep me informed and let me know how you are doing with all of this. I wish you the best of luck!!!


m - December 23

Well I went to the new OB GYN and he is very nice, I told him we havent been using any BC for over a year and actively TTC for 6 months. So he is starting me on a infertility work up. I did blood work today and my DH gave a sperm sample for testing. He is putting me on three months on Clomid 50, 100, and 150 mg, and if I dont get pregnant within those three months, I will need to see a fertility specialist. I really liked him, and have a great feeling about this. I am also really happy with my DH right now, I thought he would freak out with the whole sperm test and fertility stuff, but he was very cool with everything, and ready to do whatever he had to do on his part to get us pregnant. He not a man of many words, but this just really shows me how much he wants a baby as well.


J - December 23

M - that's wonderful that your husband is so supportive and willing to be proactive about having a child. We tried for 3 1/2 years, and I was tested after 1 1/2. I was fine, so the next step was to test my husband. He put it off for two years...he was embarrassed to go, didn't have time because of work, didn't think anything would be wrong with him, etc. I was so upset because I desperately wanted a child, and he said that he really wanted one too, but he just kept making excuses not to go. Month after month we tried with no luck, and it was miserable. Finally, after his grandfather died this spring without ever seeing his great-grandchildren, he got tested and it turned out that the problem was with him. His sperm count is very high, but he has very low motility and morphology. We went to an RE who agreed to let us try a couple of rounds of IUI even though he didn't think it had a very good chance of being successful. They put me on fertility meds, even though I ovulate normally, to increase our chances. I took 5 mg of Arimidex, 100 IU of Follistim injectibles for 6 days, and then an HCG trigger shot, and I produced two eggs instead of one that month. We did the IUI and I got pregnant! The RE was amazed that it worked, and especially on the first try. I'm now 21 weeks, and we're having a girl. Anyway, the point of all this is that if my husband had just been tested sooner, we could have saved ourselves a lot of heartache, and might even have two children now. We wasted so much time trying on our own with little chance of success. We've always wanted two, but I'm 35 now, so we may not try to have another one. I try not to be upset with him about it because it wouldn't serve any purpose and would only drive a wedge between us, but it was very disappointing that he waited so long. He did apologize profusely to me and I could tell that he felt really bad, but there's no way to get that time back. I'm really glad that your husband is willing to take an active role in this and is being supportive of will make this process much easier for you. Good luck and baby dust!!


m - December 23

I really thought he would be kicking and screaming, about the whole thing. I even asked my MD what to do if he refused the sperm test. So you can imagine my surprise when my alpha male husband was completly willing to do his part to make this happen. He was even sick with the flu, and I was still able to take a sample to the hospital! His biggest concern was making sure he was able to give the best sample (not after running or working out ect) Like I said before for a man of few words this really shows his level of committment to us having a baby. Also he said that if we could never conceive he would want to adopt. I just feel so warm and fuzzy towards him right now. He just received a big A+!!!


in NC - December 23

M...ask the doctors which meds they would give you and call your insurance/prescription company and ask about covereage. My co-pay for clomid was only 10.00 which is great for a baby. HcG trigger was also 10.00. I used clomid for a total of 2 years (off and prego in June 2004 and M/C in July 2004) until I moved on to injections in July 2005. 1st round of injections+IUI, worked but ended in an ectopic pregnancy. As with anything there are risks. Since meds are in control of your cycle..things happen. Even through all of this, I have not given up and we will be beginning again in Jan. 2006 if I do not get preg. on my own. I too was shocked with what my husband has been willing to do for us to have a child together. Ask what company and they can tell you before you even head out to fill it. Good Luck


m - December 23

We have really good insurance, my husband is employed with the city (population 500,000), I think we pay 20% of the cost the insurance company pays. I am really not sure what else they will cover. I have heard that drug companies have programs to help people cover the cost of fertiltiy meds if they need it. I just really hope all works out. I am alittle scared and nervous!!


m - December 24

This is just so cute so I thought I would share it, after going to the OB/GYN and getting worked up, my doctor put me on prenatal vitamins, before staring clomid. My husband has been so supportive and excited. Knowing how forgetful I can be, my husband sets one prenatal vitamin on counter each morning by my keys, for our future baby. Just to cute!!


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


m - December 29

We had our work up, my tests have come back normal and my husbands sperm count did not. They like to see a sperm count 60million-200million with at least a 61% viability, his was
38 million with a less than 1% mobility. I am so depressed, my MD reffered us to a fertility specialist. We are praying for a lab error, I got it to the hospital in 20 minutes (they say less that 30) but who knows it was late and maybe the lab tech just let it sit around before looking at it. 9 years ago he got is ex wife pregnant twice (ended with miscarriages) and he has no childern but he was able to concieve at the time. I just feel SOO depressed and hopeless.....


NC - December 29 not get all upset. There is so much out there to help people conceive. The RE might suggest doing an IUI in addition to drugs for you. They wash the sperm and directly put it inside so the sperm do not have to swim to the egg. I am not explaining it as well as the internet. Google..IUI and read up on it before going to RE. I have had 3 and go pregnant with injections and IUI but ended in an ectopic. Keep positive and you never know.



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