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GoGo Trigger - March 29

Lots of baby dust and love...


GoGo Trigger - March 29

Ok so here's my latest news. As some of you guys know, I'm a professor and I was doing a fellowship in Boston for the past two years and got hired into a tenure-track job for this fall. So I had notified my new university and was waiting to hear what they'd do as far as my salary. I was holding my breath since we'll be moving from Mass to Indiana in December and will need a house downpayment as well as probably a new car before then too. Not to mention that I'll have a pretty great salary and earn about 2/3s of our income. I've been really worried about that. Well I just talked to the dean this morning and they're going to keep my start date on July 1st so I'll get to keep my research funds and won't have to take even reduced salary during the fall. I'm so psyched, and can't believe I'll still be receiving full pay. I'm so incredibly fortunate to have chosen this school and am counting my blessings right now! Something else funny--there's one other professor who's been hired for next year, and they just had triplets too! What are the odds of that happening? Tomorrow we're driving down to Lake George NY to see Matt's sister, and his parents will be there so we're just going to tell them. I'll wear a shirt that says "Baby" on it under a zip-up sweater--to tell them the fact that there's 3 I got three little adorable egg-shaped chicks from a store called "BabyStyle" and wrapped them up in a box. I wonder if they'll get it right off the bat :D


GoGo Trigger - March 29

Ok I've caught upon the rest of the messages now. Leah--wow 38 weeks! I'll be doing jumping jacks to get them out of there if they stay in there that long!! I'll be off during the summer so I can really totally relax. I kinda feel like it's going to be 2 boys and a girl for some reason. I'm eating as much and as well as I can, but I don't push it. We went out for sushi last night (I eat the cooked rolls) and there's this cooked roll that was SO good!!!! I also love getting the seaweed salad there since it has lots of iron. Barzee--can't wait to hear what your new Beta numbers are :D


MsMonet - March 29

ROBYN-My husband asked the same thing. He told me not to go in for the Hystereosonography if I am bleeding even if its not alittle. My thought was... I am not waiting another month to get this done... I know... I know but I just went to go check and its very faint. I think I will be ready to go tomorrow. TINK-What's going on?


JB0405 - March 29

JODY, that's great! Explain this to me a bit more, if you don't mind. Are they going to give you guys money for the down payment as part of your package? You will start in July as agreed BUT what about when the babies are born? Do you have your maternity leave, etc.? This very interesting to me! I hope you don't mind sharing some more. I LOVE the egg shaped chicks idea, sounds great! Does Matt's sister know? Are you poking out enough for them to notice?


GoGo Trigger - March 29

Yay I get to stop Crinone :D Woo-hoo!


JB0405 - March 29

My father(lives in Florida) said to me last night that he was talking with my grandparents (they live in Trinidad) and my grandmother asked him if he has any grands on the way and he said not as far as I know! SO, I need to take some of the burden of secrecy off of my poor daddy, I will call them for Easter and tell them then. BUT if I do then I'll have to tell my aunt & cousins, Uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh!!! What do you all think?


JB0405 - March 29

I can't wait to stop the lovely evening activity - progesterone shots! I have started to lower the dose day by day! So you're off of crinone, while I am not too sure what that is, if you're thrilled about it JODY, then so am I.


GoGo Trigger - March 29

Lol that's progesterone :D


Tenk - March 29

Hi girls Congrats on all your successful IVF rounds!! Hi MEGA!! I have one question for you all, when taking clomid days 3-7 when are you supposed to start the Gonal-F shots? How do I know when to trigger then? Thanks in advance, and sorry for jumpin' in here.


JB0405 - March 29

JODY, are you laughing at me? LOL!!! You know I luv ya!


ROBYN - March 29

OK found you all and have caught up. JODY great news. about the job I think its awesome when you truly enjoy what you are doing it makes life so much easier So now whats the deal after the trips are born with you working? Do you get maternity leave or are you gonna take a leave of abscence? I also love the idea with the shirt they are all gonna be so surprised. JANAE - whats up you dont like the wand?? I loved it all the time it was the most action i was getting then LOL. They used to laugh at me i make so many obscene comments during all my u/s. But you know thats my crazy personality. Yes do take the burden off your dad and let him tell people already. Where in Florida does he live? Ms. Monet double check on any bleeding at all as far as I do know dont quote me on this my IVF nurse told me on Monday if you are bleeding at all they wont do the HSG. But each RE has different ways of doing things. But remember they can see those kinda things once inside so you wont be able to trick them either LOL. Good luck on whatever decision you make. Oh Janae I emailed Mega told her to stop by and say hi to everyone. She emailed me a few hours ago to check in but i just emailed her before i came on here.


GoGo Trigger - March 29

Hehe Robyn--The fall is my maternity leave of sorts; I move out to Indiana and start teaching on site in January. You have to be at the school a year before getting maternity leave. So I'll be hiring help in any event :D Janae--I always laugh at you girl :D


Tink - March 29

hi guys- here in vegas- being sick still. i stayed in the first night (tuesday) and did room service. felt like i was going to pass out yesterday in the middle of a press interview! doh. it just comes and goes. i have been getting chills too off and on. i think from the meds. ugh. so ready for this to pass. i am just over 8 weeks now. JOdy- congrats on the great job situation! and stopping the gel! just wanted to stop in and say hi really fast. trying to decide if i can make it to dinner or not.....i hate to go and then feel bad and have to walk back to the venetian- we are eating at the wynn hotel.


barzee - March 30

Hi Girls!
I hope everyone had a great day : )
Does anyone know of a good cream to use on yur belly during pregnancy to avoid itching and stretch marks?


barzee - March 30

For those of you on Crinone Gel? Do you stick the whole applicator up you? I always have--- and it just hurt. I hope I didnt ruin or hurt anything up there.


ROBYN - March 30

Morning i am running out the door to the airport to pick up my ex-husband yes i said that but I have been using OPKs the past couple of days i have a lot of CM well they have been negative and today this morning it was positive. We have been bd'g the past few days so I guess we do it tonite and tomorrow and i havent done these in a while. But it would be cool if this miracously (sp) happened naturally!! Not getting my fingers crossed but definitely gonna take advantage of the opportunity.



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