Appt with Fertility Specialist
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ruby - August 22

hi girls!! i just had my 1st appt with a fertility specialist on friday. i have pcos so he had to make sure my ovaries looked okay to possibly increase my clomid dose (just took my 1st cycle last month and it didn't work). while he was doing the ultrasound, he noticed an egg follicle!!!! he said i had probably just ovulated, was ovulating now, or was about to ovulate. he suggested we "have relations" and he wants me to go in for bloodwork tomorrow. i am not overweight, but he said that women with pcos can always benefit from losing a few pounds (i've lost ~12 lbs in 3 months), so he said the weight loss just might have done the trick. we're hoping i don't have to get on any more clomid. does this sound promising to anyone? i need as many well wishes and advice as i can get!!! thank you all!!


ruby - August 22

anybody have experience with seeing follicles on an ultrasound? please? : )


dk - August 23

its always promising to see follicles but ive never seen mine if that is what you are asking. Last month i had 2 one stayed too small the other was a good one, ovulated, no pg. this month we are watching 2 again, still small but i dont get checked again til day 10 which is still a week away.good luck it sounds promising if you are producing them now on your own.



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