Appt w/ Gyno question
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Dee - February 8

Hi. I have been ttc for 5 mo. I am seeing my dr. and wondering if anyone has advice on what I should ask the dr or be prepared to tell him. Also, I am due to O around the same time of my appoiment and want to bd with dh but would that be wrong to do if seeing the Dr. the next day??


Mega - February 8

No, BD with your DH near O time would be find. It's not wrong at all. Are you tracking your BBT or CM or using an OPK? I guess you are tracking if you know you're about to O, huh?! Are you pretty regular? If you're irreg. you might want to ask him to do some blood tests on you, check your thyroid, FSH/LH, Testosterone levels, etc...Be prepared though, if you are regular & under 35 most likely your dr will tell you to come back in 7 mos. if you're not PG by then. But irregardless of how regular you are, I'd definitely suggest you asking your dr about getting a SA done on your DH. It would be ashame to waste a year if there are male issues. If your dr does think there are some issues, don't worry, they can fix almost any problem these days. Hang in there. And I'm glad you're making an appt. with your dr. Good luck & keep us posted.


hopeful06 - February 8

Dee....Mega pretty much has you covered! I would like to add one thing though---You should ask about getting on prenatal vitamins. My doc put me on them at our "pre-conception" visit to make sure that my baby would have the very best from the start. Also, make sure you know the date of your last period and info about how regular you are. Regarding your question about bd-ing before your appt......If you are going in for a yearly and need a pap test you shouldn't have sex 24 hours prior to the test. If you aren't having one, I don't think it would hurt! Good luck!


Dee - February 8

Thanks so much for the responses. I truly appreciate it. I am going for a PAP as well as a pre-conception visit. So it is good to know that I shouldnt bd before the visit.


Chas - February 8

yeah, I went for my first appt after 6 mos of trying. He did thyroid blood work, fsh, and other stuff. After another 6 months I went back, he ordered a post coital test and then an SA on dh. Turns out we have a low sperm count issue, so hopefully everything will work out !


Mega - February 8

That's a good point, hopeful, about no sex 24 hrs prior to a pap. I didn't know that, actually. Now I do. Thanks!



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