Anyway to avoid the chance of multiples?
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wanting 1 more - November 30

Hi, my dh and I would like one more baby but do not want to chance getting multiples again? Is there a way to avoid that other than IVF?


Mega - November 30

If you're using fertility drugs &/or treatments like IVF or IUI nothing is foolproof, but the risk of multiples is quite low (10% +/-) on Clomid, a bit higher on injectibles but still I think only 25%, I've heard of plenty of people who conceived just one on fertility drugs & other people conceiving twins naturally. And vice versa of course. I take it you have multiples now? Your risk is naturally higher than someone without twins/multiples. I wish I could be more help, but I'm not sure there's truly much you can do to lower that risk esp. if you have to rely on treatments. Good luck!


sherry - December 1

i did 1 round clomid/ iui, and ended up with 2 sacs, but 1 twin never develped, so i have one healthy baby now. i was petrified of multiples at first, and dh even more so, but i am a bit sad the second never happened, since i see my beautiful daughter now. any infertility treatments increase the risks of multiples, but more have singletons then not, though i do know one woman with triplets thru ivf. talk about built in family!! welp, if you are using these treatments know the risks, and if you aren't, your chances are very slim. check your family history as well. hugs



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