Anyones hubby suffer anxiety and panic disorder?
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k - July 23

Hubby has anxiety and panic disorder and i have a feeling part of the stress he puts himself under from it may be part of why i am not pregnant. We are in the first rounds of testing and he will be going hopefully this week for his sperm analysis.Anyone else going through this? anyone have any solutions?


bump - July 26



Jen - July 26

k- My husband suffers from depression and also gets extreme tension headaches when stressed. I've wondered if this might also be effecting our chances. We've tried for 2 years and had all the tests. We've been labeled a couple with unexplained infertility, which actually kind of sucks because then the doctors just seem to guess what to try and do. I actually think the stress of trying has affected my husband's stress level which in effect has lowered his sperm count. So I hear you! We've actually been taking a little time off from the whole fertility clinic thing, hoping that a break will lower both of our stress levels and help us to just get pregnant on our own. I wish you luck...I know how stressful and what an emotional roller coaster this whole process is.


teigan - August 13

hello my hubby doesnt suffer but i do, and i think it effected us quite alot, i have real bad panic attacks, think im dying all the time and cant sleep, im 5 weeks pregnant and the anxiety has come back stronger than ever


k - August 14

teigan, thanx for your response and i'm sorry you are going through this. If/when i get pg i'm concerned about his panic attacks if he is alone with the baby and i am not around. He had one major attack this afternoon and he went down to the floor for fear of fainting (he never has) and felt like he was dying.


teigan - August 15

sorry it took so long to get back... he needs to see a doctor, sounds like he has a panic disorder, and if hes not careful it will take over his life, sounds like its already started, im sat here now thinking im dying, as my heart is a little bit faster, thats how panic disorders work, they get in your brain and take root, he needs medication... xxx go and see the docs


k - August 16

he knows he has panic and anxiety disorders (about 9 years now) was seeing someone but isnt now due to # of times your allowed to go or some insurance crap and he was doing the tapes from Midwest Centre but they didnt help either. He wont go on meds (i dont know why) but it is difficult to hear about him complaining about it when he wont do anything else about it. Sometimes i think he is afraid to get better. He hates docs to begin with which doesnt help.


TTC - September 8

my honey takes paxil this prevents him from ejaculation, so he skips a day of taking it before we TTC, also lowering his dose helps


Jamie - September 9

K - I have suffered from panic attacks since I was 11. I finally went to the doctors when I was 26. I wish I had gone sooner. I started taking zoloft and my life changed. I feel like a normal person and haven't had a panic attack in almost 2 years. I use to get them so frequently before. I too felt like I was dying and it is the most terrible feeling in the world. Please let your husband know he is not alone and there is help. It is nothing to be ashamed of and to be very honest with you more people suffer from anxiety orders than most people think - so many people hide it so well ( I know I did!) I hope this will help your husband. I cannot even describe how much my life has improved since I went to my doctor. Good luck and god bless!!


Karen - September 9

I have generalized anxiety disorder and I really think it has impaired my ability to conceive. I worry about it so much eventhough I take Paxil! My husband is actually a pretty relaxed person but my worrying about not having a kid has definately affected him. I sometimes think he doesn't really want to have sex because its all about ttc. So, I understand. If one partner has anxiety issues, it affects both. Take care and good luck!


k - September 9

To Jamie and Karen thanx for your wishes and insights. I have learned a lot more about the disorders (anxiety and panic) than i ever thought i wanted to know. I finally got him to call his councellor again and hoping she can suggest meds and he will take them. If it means we put off ttc then so be it. I'd rather have a healthy hubby!



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