anyones AF arrived unexpectedly today?
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kim - June 9

hi gals, im so so sad that af came, its really getting to me now 2yrs ttc and nothing! yet another month now i have to wait does anybody have some good advice on how to improove things????? thanks


christina - June 9

hi kim,
i know it is beyond tough when a/f comes, but something tells me next month is your month! keep the faith and if you feel something is wrong and maybe at peace of mind, have some tests done, have you seen a fertility specialist? i am still trying and it is a real long time for us and i wont give up just yet, so i understand how tough it is, dont let people or anything let you down. have a wonderful day and baby dust to you all!


christina - June 9

ps- it could be something like the timing, and your just missing it by a day here or there when you ovulate, they told us that at one point, just a suggestion, hope all goes well.


kim - June 9

to christina, thanks for your reply, im waiting to see a specialist in about 2months and the days seem to be going so slow, its sending me bonkers lol but thanks again and lots of baby dust to you 2!!! xxxx



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