anyone with PCOS? what meds did you use to conceive?
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patty - January 17

hi-i was just diagnosed woth PCOS. after trying for about 1 year i finally went to see a specialist. it was heartbreaking to hear that i have PCOS-but i am hopeful that i will get pregnant one day. my next appointment is jan 26- to see what therapy is right for me. has anyone been able to conceive with PCOS ? what kind of meds are you on and how long did it take?. I am 30 years old.


dancegirl - January 17

hi patty - i would be curious of the same. i've been trying since october but have only had almost 2 cycles. just ovulated yesterday after 47 days ! anyway, i went to my docs right away knowing my cycle was so long and she said my testotrone was higher than normal and she said i have pcos, but to have an RE confirm it with an ultrasound, so i have that appt. tomorrow. can't wait ! i'll write and let you know what happens, but i'd like to hear some stories about pcos as well. do you ever have dull aches/cramps ? i'm thinking these are caused by cysts so i'm hoping i get an ultrasound soon. so tired of the pains ! also, i'm very thin so wondering what they will do if my insulin is normal. seems like metmorfin is good when insulin is all screwey, but not for just testoterone ? i'm so clueless ! do you have any symptoms ? my face is starting break out more than ever. i never had pimples. maybe one when af was coming but that was it. now i have at least 10 or so around my hair line all the time. i hate it ! i'm 27. well, just thought i'd share my story and hopefully someone will be able to enlighten us !


Mel - January 17

Hi Patty, I was diagnosed with PCO about two years ago (I am 34). I was put on Metformin (500mg three times a day) and then on clomid. Got pregnant twice but miscarried both very early. My doctor recently put me on 1000mg Metformin (two tablets at night which are supposed to be time release) and after three months I managed to get pregnant naturally. I want to say that I also changed my diet and excercise dramatically. I had read that being on a low carb diet is supposed to really help reduce the symptoms of PCO. It was hard for me, but I managed to do it. I also began going for daily walks (45minutes) and managed to lose about 10 pounds. I think it was a combination of weight loss, the increased metformin dose and destressing with music every evening that really helped me. I wish you all the very best. There is a lot of literature on PCO and alot of website that suggest weight loss and a low carb diet will reduce the symptoms of PCO and enhance you chance of getting pregnant.


Kerri - January 17

Dx with PCOS in July--had HSG done in July--started 1000mg of Metformin for high testosterone and slight insulin resistance in first BFP September 24th---currently I'm 20 weeks(half way there) with healthy little girl and still taking the Metformin to help prevent gestational diabetes and large babies run in my family. Hope this helps and it WILL happen soon! Baby dust to everyone!


patty - January 17

thanks for sharing your stories. i went for an internal ultrasound the other day and the scary part is on my left ovary they see something more than a cyst-possibly endometriosis. it is all so scary !i am waiting for my bloodwork so we will see if these cysts are due to hormones out of whack or what ...? the strange part is they say that long cycles are a give away of cysts-but mine are not long--they are irregular and short....from 19---to30 day cycles. i am really scared and depressed. i have a feeling that they will put me on birth control to gvet the cysts down because my ovaries are too enlarged even though birth control is not exactly what i want-i want to get pregnant---so we will see.


Melani - January 18

I was on Metformin and Actos for 7 months (PCOS) I had my second dose of Femara in June. I am now 31 weeks pregnant! We had been trying for close to three years and had experienced 3 mis. This will be our first child! With the combination of drugs and low carb experience, which REALLY is supposed to help with PCOS we were successful. (The upside I lost 30 pounds on the regiment) I have gained almost all of that back with this pregnancy...and it is all worth it!

I wish you the best of luck, I know how heartbreaking and gut wrenching the experience is.


patty - January 18

i have read alot lately about a low carb diet helping with pcos. i am not sure if it is good to cut all carbs out or just limit my intake ? anyone with advice--also what about caffeine and milk---what is their effect on pcos ?


Mel - January 18

Hi Patty,
I don' t thin you need to cut out all carbs, but limit your portions either in terms of number or in terms of size. There is a book with a title " The carbohydrate addicts diet" that really helped me decide what kind of low carb regimen I was going to follow. I sincerely think that the low carb and losing a bit of weight, together with regular excercise, goes a long way to normalizing your hormones again and increases you chances of getting pregnan!!!! TONS of baby dust sent your way!


Elena - January 18

Hi, yes I have pcos and just found out last week that I'm pregnant. About 5 weeks and 3 days. I did take clomid and it did not work for me.But also part of the reason I was not getting pregnant was because I had scar tissue on my tubes had surgery in September to fix and now pregnant. So I decided to do my own thing and ordered fertilaid which has vitex and other herbal vitmanins to help women with pcos and and ovulationg problems get pregnant and voila PREGNANT. I was ttc for 1 year exact. the website is Wish you luck and baby dust****


patty - January 18

i just took a look at the fertilaid website-sounds great -very encouraging. ALSO-. i went in for a series of blood tests ,does anyone knew what these blood tests are soppused to reveal about the cysts ? and i believe that my specialist will want o put me on birth control for a few cycles-does anyone knew why-since i want to conceive -? is that the way it usually works. any advice will be great. can anyone tell me how to stop thinking about this?. all i do during the day is feel sorry for myself and ask myself why i waited so long to see a specialist and when i take a nap i dream about it----i can not wait till the jan 26 appointment to discuss my options---but i am also scared for the blood tests results !


Mel - January 19

Hi Patty,
Hang in there. I think they put you on birth control so that the hormone causes your cyst to shrink on its own.....I am not too familiar with it, but I read something along these lines on other websites. Don't get discouraged, but try to get as informed as possible. If you do google searches online, you can find out alot of information that you then have to put together to be well informed about your situation. I found that reading really helped me because I was then able to come up with an action plan to follow.



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