anyone with HIGH PROLACTIN wants to talk
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mihka - April 3

i have high prolactin level,anyone has this and wants to share her story and wait for BFp ...join me


Becca - April 3

Hey Mihka, I have had an elevated prolactin since they first diagnosed it when I was 18. I used parlodel and dostinex to lower the prolactin and induce a period. The first time I used dostinex was 7 years ago, I was 25 and had been married for 7 years....we got pregnant taking that. Since my son was born, I started getting a cycle on a monthly basis, w/out the use of medication. I do however still have an elevated prolactin, just not as high as it used to be. I have since been pregnant three times, two were m/c and I'm now 24 weeks. I also ended up having a progesterone that's what caused the miscarriages. The last test they took for me was in November right before I got my BFP - my prolactin was still elevated, and my progesterone was way low, so they had prescribed the parolodel again to help achieve better ovulation...however, I got a bfp before I started it!! Good luck to you, it's a very trying, emotional road to be on, but it will work!! If you have any questions in regards to the medication and what not, let me know. Oh, and over the years they did MRI's on an annual basis to check for the pituitary tumor, to see if that was the cause, they never found one though....they also did the visual field checks as well.


jlp2778 - April 3

I was dx last month with an elevated prolactin 20.1. I went for the mri and it was negative--what a relief. I am on parlodel 2.5 mg daily and I go next week to have my level checked. We are trying to get pregnant. I found out because I wasn't getting regular periods since stopping bcp in 7/05. My cycles have been like 43 days long. I don't know if I am ovulating or not? I hope this fixes soon. Anyone use ovulation strips? I did this month. I just find hope in praying to God and know he will take care of me. Get in touch and share your story with me.


mihka - April 3

thanx frnds for sharing ur story...well my story is that i am ovulating on my own,have regular periods still not preg..had my tests and find out i have high prolactin i am on dostinex 1tablet 1week....this is my 2nd month of taking DX...
BECCA much time (dostinex )will take to get my levels down...doc said try this medicine for 6 much time it took u to fall pregnant.
i have level it too high?R u PREg...


mihka - April 3

to jlp2778 ,well i used that OPK sticks its worth that u can BD that day...wish u all the best


Becca - April 3

Mihka, I took the dostinex once a week as well for two months before I fell pregnant. My levels were anywhere from 27-32...pretty up there as well.
jlp2778 -The parlodel always gave me a cycle, I'm glad your MRI was negative..those are always a little frghtenning..although through out the years, I wish they would have found something sometimes, just so it would explain the whole issue to me. The dostinex worked as well. Hopefully it wont take either of you much longer. I know how scary it ex-husband I were together for 8 years no protection ever before I got pregnant with our son. It's such a delicate process. Just keep positive, it will happen. I am pregnant now..I'm 24 weeks. In the past two years we've had two miscarriages....and it took us around 7 to 8 months in between each to get pregnant again. Good luck girls.


isa - April 3

Becca I noticed you said you had 2 m/c due to progesterone defficiency. I have had 2 early miscarriages (chemical pregnancies) but have been on 2 prog. suppositories a day after the 2nd day iui (we do 2 days back to back). How were you diagnosed with prog. deff? I think it may be part of my problem but I also thought they said there is no sense getting a p4 done 7 dpo when on suppositories as it will scue the results. What are your thoughts and how did they diagnose you?


Becca - April 3

Well after my second miscarriage, my doctor decided to be "pro-active" and on day 21 of each cycle I started the progesterone. Nothing happened, so then he had me do the ovulation predictor kits. He said once I got a positive to come in and they will test my progesterone levels. Well I ovulate really late for a 28 day on day when I got my postive OPK, I went in (before starting my progesterone suppositories that month) and my progesterone level was at 4.5......very very very low, indicating poor ovulation. Well I went ahead and started the progesterone in hopes that maybe, just maybe I'd get a postiive hpt finally .......and on day 28 I got it!! Since on the suppositories for 4 days at that point, they took the progesterone levels again and they were up at 21.......then three days later up to 28!!! So I stayed on the suppositories until week 14 of pregnancy...I'm now 24 weeks!! i'm so excited.


to Becca - April 4

do u think taking Dostinex helps to increase progestrone level..a.s my progesterone level is not checked i never conceived and has high prolactin level... iam on dostinex....DO u think it will help me ttc 12 mths


Becca - April 4

You know, I don't know if it will have much to do with your progesterone level or not. Mine is low due to fact that I ovulate later in my cycle then doesn't have time to rise high enough, before the uterus starts to shed. I would use OPK's to see when you ovulate in reference to when you start your next cycle. Progesterone is more to do with the luteal phase defect, not prolactin...I just happen to have both!! :) I hope the dostinex will help helped me the first time....doc warned me it could make me more fertile, and for me, it did.


To becca - April 5

thanx for the info...happy u
i hope i will get pregoo soon and all in this board....keep in touch


plaese answer - April 5

i heve to start dostinex ...when shud i eat night doc told me to eat half tab. 2wice a week it if i eat on MOnday..then i shud eat on friday...or what ????please help


need help - April 5

actually i find out that my levels r high (prolactin)...but u know i normally ovulate every cycle...Anyone in this board has high prlactin& normal i wa sredaing that highPRO...cause ovulation problem?


Becca - April 5

Are you sure your ovulating? Yes, it can cause ovulation problems....I would talk with your doctor about it. That's why mine did the "21 day test" to check for good ovulation. You can have a cycle and not ovulate properly. Are you using opks to follow?? As far as when to take the dostinex?? I really don't know the answer to that...I only took it once a week on Fridays!! There are 7 days in the week, so if you took one on Friday, then I would think Thurs or Fri would be fine?? Yeah? Ask your doc if you are completely unsure though. I'd hate to give out the wrong advice, since I'm not a doctor.



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