Anyone with Endometriosis
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C - April 13

Does anyone have endometriosis? I have the beginning stages. I'm thinking of going off the pill soon and would love some advice/tips/stories, whatever you can give. Thanks


Heather - April 14

I was diagnosed with endo was I was 20 I'm now 31. I had a lap which showed just minimal and that was burned off. I wasn't given much information on it and so I thought that was it I would not have it again but I was wrong. I haven't had too much problems with it and haven't taken medicine for it. It didn't prevent me from having kids. I have a 7 and a 3 year old. Endometriosis just like anything else effects everyone a bit different. I am now not preventing for number 3 and I'm hoping not to have any problems conceiving. It took three years of not preventing to get my 7 year old and two months of trying to get my 3 year old. I wish you good luck if your trying.



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