Anyone with advice please
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mondo - June 3

Hi,my partner & I are down in Aus,we have been together for 41/2yrs.We would love to have a baby together,our problem is :Im 46 hes 34 we know my age is against us but we are trying .We miscarried 10mths ago at 12wks both of us were devistated,I have 4 wonderful older kids best thing out of sad 26yr marrage breakup.My man is truly a dream,he totaly understands our chances are slim but we both wish to keep trying naturaly,we are both fit & heathy,take our vitamins,no alcahol,no smoking .We have a very loving & very special relaisonship If anyone has has any advice for us we would very much appriceate it .Thanks for reading.


Mondo - June 5

Hi,thanks for the info on other threads girls.Iam O around 4th to 7th woke up feeling crook this morning(probably talked myself into it)god I hope its real.



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