Anyone who is ttc in august please join me
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babygirl1967 - July 25

Hi my name is Lisa I am in NYC and i will be ttc in august. Hers my History, had a m/c at 6w on april 30th had a dnc done since then i have had no af, today i started taking provera so i should be ovulating in august. I will be using a clearblue easy monitor and taking folic acid, evening prime rose oil, robittussin and raspberry leaves capsuls and also pre seed. Please share your stories and join in the wait of ttc in august with me.


babygirl1967 - July 25

If anyone can share any other information on what else you can take to help with this conception please dont hesitate to do so. Baby dust to all


mommy2josh - July 25

Hey babygirl1967, my name is Tanya and I am also from NYC (Staten Island to be exact). I am 29 dh is 43, we have been ttc#2 for 27 month. DS is 4 1/2. On my second round of clomid 50mg in November, gor my BFP and started to miscarry the same day I found out. After one regular cycle didn't get AF for 3 month. The next 2cycles of clomid did not make me ovulate. My last AF lasted 26 days. Yep thats right. Now waiting for AF to show her face so I can take clomid 100mg. Were are you in New York?


mommy2josh - July 26



kitten117 - July 26

Hi everyone, this is Chloe. I’m 28 and my dh is 30; we have been ttc #1 since March, but haven’t have any luck. I have irregular cycles and used a clearblue easy monitor for 3 cycles. I think I’m not ovulating at all because I never seen the “peak” ever! I made an appointment with my ob, but have a long wait for the appointment (9/1). Really want to find out what wrong with my body.


mommy2josh - July 26

Hi kitten, I am on another thread with a whole bunch of great girls. Why dont you come and join us. So many of those girls have been to fertility specialists they would be able to answer alot of your question. (((hugs))) The thread is


mommy2josh - July 26

Sorry about that "premature posting" LOL anyway the thread is "Ayone looking for cycle buddies.....TTC in July chapter 3"



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