anyone who has gotten preg. after being on the bc patch
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dandy - March 14

I was on the bc patch for about a yr and a half. I took it off feb. 2005 when we decided to try to conceive. My period actually came a week early that month after i took it off. Is there anyone out there who got preg after being on the patch, I would like to know how long it took them to conceive. And if they had an irregular period like i did. Is that normal? thanks!


bmp - March 15



Cutie - March 15

I am not sure myself, because I have never used it, but I read that you have to wait up to 1 year for your cycle to go back to normal on Patch, but thats only from reading and not from my own knowledge. Good LUck


Angela - March 18

I was on the patch and it tokk only two months to have a normal period after the bc patch. good luck!


Amanda - March 23

I've been on the patch since august 2004. Just found out that I got pregnant while using this religiously. Wish I was more excited about being pregnant. If you aren't trying to get pregnant, I wouldn't reccommend the patch to anyone out there.


lili - March 23

The most it takes is 3 months to get out of your systme and for your body to start ovulation normally. I'm going threw the same thing and I asked my doctor. Be patient


mommakim - July 13

I had used the pill until about a year ago switched to the patch. Quit using it and decided to try for a third child. I had a long first cycle and a short second one. Hopefully the next will be normal. I never had this problem after the pill. Anyone else with these issues....


kc - July 14

I was on the patch for 2 years before I went off. I've been off since May of 2004 and had a mc in April. It took a good 4 months for my cycles to become regular. My infertility problems are from endo. not the patch. So I wouldn't worry just yet.



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