Anyone wants to wait together for week of June 12-18th?
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Daley - June 16

Cutie,don't worry,God knows how much we want to be blessed by being moms and I'm sure he will help us.We just have to have faith. Blessings and lots of baby dust!!!!!!! The good news is that we still have lots of eggs!!!! (laugh)


Nancy - June 16

Hi Ladies!! how are you anybody get BFP already? keep us posted....


Cutie - June 16

Nancy, I hope that those herbs will do it for you this month :) and that Ovulex will do it for me as well LOL
DALEY, you made me laugh....:) I am trying not to loose hope and faith...but its soooo tough.. How do you do Daley? Are you taking Ovulex? Talk to you ladies soon.


Nancy - June 16

I'm really hoping that it will also work for me. I don't want to give up and just want to try everything that i know. It's so hard when you think you've tried everything but it's not working. But I will always stay positive and every month is a new start for me. May God bless all of us with babies this coming month.


tell04 - June 17

Hey Ladies! I missed a day. I still have not had my AF, but I am just way too nervous to take a test. I told myself that if it is not here by the 20th, I will definately take a test. My husband thinks that I am preg, but I just say nah. I do not want either of us to get excited for nothing. I would rather think that I wasn't and be suprised. Sick of the baby talk at work. Everyone has kids, and if they don't then they are preg. I am happy for them, but I can not be truely happy because I do not know the feeling. Oh well enough venting. Talk to you ladies later! Tel


Nancy - June 17

Hi tell04! how are you? hope that you get a BFP this month...


Waiting! - June 17

Your not alone! Mine is supposed to come on the 20th. We have been only trying for a few months but it seems like forever!It's funny they usually say your tired alot, and I am tired during the day, but can't sleep at night! It's driving me nuts. The crazy part is I am a thin girl, and someone came up to me at work yesterday and asked me if I was pregnant for some reason I was in shock! I can't figure out why they would ask me that question! Good luck!


Nancy - June 17

Hi Ladies! Anybody got BFP this month?


kc - June 17

Well cutie and nancy, I got the bfn this month the aunt reared her ugly head on the 16th as usual. So today I am going to pig out on chocolate and hope this makes me feel better. (doubt it will) Boy I hate this, you psyc yourself up praying, eating perfectly healthy thinking this will be the month only to find out its the BFN. Now the emotional roller coaster starts again. I'm sorry this is so negative, I do try to stay positive but today is just a bad day. Now I will be waiting for July 15. Hopefully, we will all get the BFP next month. I'll be waiting with you.


Cutie - June 17

Tell04, I do hope you are preggo, please keep us posted honey. Oh Nancy, you are so positive :) WAITING, wishing you lots of luck too. KC, I am sorry you got AF, I know exactly how it feels, try to relax now (while on af) and then we are back to trying. Sure its a rolercoaster....and very, very emotional. May GOD BLESS ALL ON THIS SITE and LETS have FAITH that we all are going to be preggo... This month. :)


Tell04 - June 17

Thanks Nancy, and Cutie! It really means alot to me, having support. Before I found this forum I really did not feel that I had anyone that I could talk to. Waiting, that is wierd that someone asked you if you were preg, if you do not look like it. That is almost like an insult. I pray that you really are, so that it won't be! I don't mean to be graffic but I can't do the #2. Well I did but it was really hard for me! I felt like one of my veins were going to pop out my neck. Do you think I need some fiber? Talk to you ladies later! Miracles and Baby Dust to all! Tel


Nancy - June 18

Hello Cutie, kc, Tell04 and the rest of the are you guys doin? hope everybody has a nice weekend. For those who got BFN but AF doesn't show up, maybe try testing again for a couple of days to get a more accurate results , and for those whoose AF showed up just like me...just stay cool and relax and prepare for next week and keep yourselves busy. Even if sometimes we feel like giving up always remember that all wee need is patience and prayer, always have a positive outlook in this whole process. Enjoy it and have fun. We are all hoping to be pregnant. And I'm positively sure that we are all going to be pregnant very soon.


kc - June 18

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry for the outburst, I'm usually not like that. I dented my car the same day I got the visit. It was just a bad day. I'm going to relax and start charting temps and opt, taking vitamins ect. I've been using the CBE fertility monitor. It seems to be working well. It measures your estrogen levels as well as detecting the LH surge. It gives your a bigger window and lets you know a day or two before the LH surge will happen. I'm supposed to go back to the doc in sept-oct if not pg. Does anyone know what tests I will have to go thought to determine the reason for our infertility. I know the problem is me not my dh. I was just wondering what to expect if I do need to go back to the doc in the fall. Lots of Luck to those still trying. I know this will be the month!!! It would be nice to have a spring baby. And congrats to those who are preggo!!!. Take it easy and get lots of rest. Next summer you'll be sitting in your back yard introducing your little one to the fisher price baby swing how fun!!! Have a good weekend.


Cutie - June 20

Hello Everyone. Nancy, I am feeling okay... a little nauseated and still some cramping...just a little and also little brownish spotting. I should be ovulating this week... I am praying that this month will be the month for ALL of us.... Ladies, lets keep being positive, I know we will be moms soon :)


Nancy - June 20

Hi Cutie! Good to hear from you, hope that we will be pregnant this you and DH should keep yourselves busy this week if you will be enjoy it and BD everyday this whole week to make sure you won't miss a fertile day. Keep in touch...



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