Anyone wants to wait together for week of June 12-18th?
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juliebean - June 12

since I am waiting, too, i might as well wait with you!


Nichole - June 12

Cutie, Just one more of the many that are waiting this week. AF is supposed to be here June 17th. We are on our first month of Clomid, we confirmed ovulation on June 3 with an ultrasound so we are hoping that all that BDin' pays off! It kind of feels different this month, emotionally anyway. I hope I'm not working myself up for another disappointment. I hope you all BFPs this month!! Thanks ladies for the support!


Lexi - June 13

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting. I have been watching this site for a few weeks now. I am 23 and DH is 32. We have been ttc for 2 years. I started taking Ovulex about a month and a half ago. It was actually one bottle but my bottle had more than the 60 pills it was supposed to have. I was supposed to start AF on 6/10. I took an HPT yesterday and I saw a faint second line. I took another one this morning and there was definitely a second line. I called the Dr. today and they want me to come in tomorrow for blood work. I just wanted you all to know my story. I noticed in another post that there are a few of you on Ovulex. I just wanted to let you all know that it worked for me. Hopefully it will work for you all too. Whatever you all do...don't give up hope! I know how easy it is to get stressed out. Believe me. I have been there. Sending tons of baby dust to all of you!!!! I hope that you all get your BFP's this month!!!


Cutie - June 13

LEXI, I am so happy for you and you say that you were on Ovulex. Honey, if you could post it on our Ovulex thread, so that other people know what helped you :) CONGRATS


Cutie - June 13

Ladies, today is 12 dpo and of course I couldnt wait, but test...and sure enough it was negative and now I sit here and husband doesnt want me to cry and tells me that its probably not time....but that makes me sooooo mad ....I feel little cramping, but I do hope that I tested too early. I am still taking Ovulex...12 dpo is it too early to test? My period should be here on Tuesday, but I hope it does not show her ugly FACE, Ladies I am just loosing hope....sitting and crying :0


nancy - June 13

Hi Cutie, i guess it's too early to take the test, maybe if your AF doesn't show up for a couple of days you can try to do HPT later this week so you can get an accurate result, don't loose hope and don't give up, you have to be strong and for sure that we all gonna be pregnant very soon. I'm on my 13 dpo, expecting AFbetween tuesday to i'm also keep on praying. I'll be praying for you and all the ladies too.


Daley - June 13

Cutie, remember you must stay positive. I think you tested too early. I'll continue praying for all of us. GOD BLESS U with lots of baby dust!!!!!!!!!


Daley - June 13

Lexi, how did everything work out today at the doctor? Please keep us posted. Lots of blessings!!!!!!!!!!!


nancy - June 13

i'm having a bit brownish spotting right now and i'm afraid that AF will show up...hope not


Cutie - June 13

Thank you Nancy and Daley for your support !!! You know, today I still have period like cramps, but you know whats interesting ?! It is that I ussually get dried up by the time AF should arrive, and today I keep running to the bathroom, thinking AF is coming, because I am so wet down there and when I wiped I saw a lot of white/chunky CM (sorry TMI) Ladies, I just hope its Pregnancy.... :)Lots of prayers your way. My husband and I are going to move to a house so it would be double joy if I am :) I will try to stay positive.Nancy, I hope its not your AF, maybe its implantation bleeding? :) I wish you all LOTS OF LUCK AND TONS AND TONS of BABY DUST THIS MONTH


nancy - June 14

bad news AF shows up this morning, I have to wait again. Hope that your AF's won't show up....keep you posted take care everybody and baby dust


Jess - June 14

Well, AF isn't due until 6/16. However, I couldn't wait; while grocery shopping last night I picked up a pg test. I was going to wait until this morning to take it but, I counldn't resist. So, I took it last night and got a BFP--I almost passed out. The line wasn't that dark so I took another--still the same-- faint but, definately positive.My dh and I are still in shock...still can't believe it!! TTC for 2 1/2 years--2 months on Ovulex and a BFP! Hoping for H&H 9 months. Best of luck to all!!


Cutie - June 14

Jess, I am soooo exited for you. Congrats!!! I knew there would be a good outcome from Ovulex. God bless all


Nancy - June 14



Tell04 - June 14

Jess, Nancy! I am so excited for you two! Hearing you stories make me feel so good. Prayers to both of you. I pray that you with both have healthy babies! Cutie! Please try not to cry. I hate that you are hurting over something that you want so bad. But try to remember that stress only makes it 10 x's harder to concieve. I will continue to pray for you! As for me, still no AF. However I have felt cramping in my stomach area. I am just trying to remain as calm as posible, and trying not to get myself too worked up! My husband had a dream that we had a baby boy...hmmm. Baby Dust to all! Tel


Tell04 - June 14

Oops sorry Nancy, meant to type Jess, and Lexi. Sorry about the mis-type. Tel



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