Anyone wants to wait together for week of June 12-18th?
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Cutie - June 9

Oh, the waiting is just killing me. I can not wait anymore. I dont know if I am preggo this month, but I sure hope I am. I knew when O occured, so BD a few days before and a few after. I do have little cramping-kind of period like, but feel very nauseated in the morning and in the evening, lots of bloating and gas, often BM's, and very sleepy but can not sleep. I hope that its not PMS. My AF is scheduled for 14-16. I am so nervous waiting, and I am so tired of TTC, I get so depressed when that AF comes.... I hope it doesnt this month. Who else wants to wait with me? I had this stuppid dream this night... I dreamt that my AF came, but it was brownish... I hope it means I am going to get a BFP.... :)


Nancy - June 9

Hi Cutie, I'm TTC baby # 1, but DH had a son from previous marriage so i'm really trying so hard to have children on our own, i'm also waiting for next week to find out if i'm pregnant or not. I always have i should say a regular cycle which varies from 27-30. I also have dysmenorrhea since i was 14, went to 2 different OB-GYN first when i was 18 and the 2nd time i think it was last year, and said that there was nothing wrong with me.I'm hoping that i am pregnant this month. We've been trying to get pregnant for 15 months already with no sucess. Done almost everything for charting to doing BD every other day, sometimes almost everyday if i think i'm fertile. I always have PMS like food craving, breast tenderness,little cramps 2 days before AF. So it's hard to tell if it's PMS or pregnancy symptoms. But i feel nauseated and dizzy too these past few days, don't know if it's because its too hot and humid here, lol and about your dreams....they said that when u dream it's always the opposite that will maybe this is your month....God bless and baby dust...Keep you posted.....sorry for a long post.


Nancy - June 9

By the way to add some interpretation with your dream that you have your AF that means motherhood. Hope that this is true. Let me know.....


Amber - June 9

Hi Ladies! :)
I am also due for AF the week of June 13....I have had some problems with prolactin levels but I really am praying that this month I have things straightened out and that there may be a little one in there! :) Isn't it funny how when you are trying so hard that every little thing that happens seems to be a symptom of pregnancy!? I had a little pink spotting 2 days ago....could it be implantation?! I think I am going crazy! lol


kc - June 10

I am also waiting for af around June 16. I O on June 2nd. Everyday I wait for clues on if I am or not. Nothing yet, however with my previous pg (a few months ago) I didn't have any signs until a few days before my cycle was to start. Lots of luck to you all. I hate waiting!!!!!!!


Nancy - June 11

I'm feeling a little bit crampy hope AF won't show.....


Cutie - June 11

I am happy that I am not alone... Nancy I hope that it does mean MOTHERHOOD :) Ladies, I HOPE we are all preggo this month.... I am feeling funny, kind of different and you are right, that its hard to tell whether its PMS of pregnancy symptoms..GOOD LUCK and TONS of Baby dust your way :) God Bless, and keep us posted.


Jess - June 11

Hi everyone. The mean'ol aunt is scheduled to come on the 16th. Cutie, I'm glad you stated the thread. Can't wait to see what happens this month.


tell04 - June 11

Hello to ALL! I was wondering if anyone has been pregnant before, and knows roughly when the breast tendernous starts. Is it immediately or does it vary. The reason I ask...I have symptons of being preg: Nausea, sleepiness, and not sign of my period, although it should be here (today). My breast always get tendor at least a week before my period, but they are fine. What do you think? Good Luck to you all!~ Tel


Cutie - June 11

tell04, you could be pregnant, did you take a test? Do you know when you ovulated for sure? Because sometimes women ovulate later than they think... I DO HOPE YOU ARE pregnant though, I wish you all lots of baby dust THIS MONTH !!!!!!!
Jess, how long have you been TTC?


Jess - June 11

We have been ttc 2 1/2 years. I was on depo for 4 years prior to ttc. My problems consist of large cysts on ovaries--lap 10/04( to remove cyst on R. ovary) and of course DEPO! I now have another massive cyst on my L. ovary but, I've choosen to wait for ANOTHER lap ( trying to avoid more scar tissue).My dh sa was outstanding 240mil--with slight morph which doc said was ok since the count was so high--can't blame our infertility on him anymore.As u probably read on the Ovulex board this month was my first month to have a + opk---I was in shock!! I'm with you Cutie on the insurance thing---our insurance SUCKS, they cover nothing pertaining to infertility. I was pretty much hopeless until I learned of Ovulex. I've had good results so far--at least it's giving me something to hold on to. I'm so thankful that I've found all of u; it's nice to have someone that listens and even better who understands too. oh,...and my dh doesn't have to listen to me as much...ha..ha. Take Care...+ THINKING.******Baby Dust To All******


Nancy - June 12

Hello Ladies....have a nice weekend, hope everybody is pregnant...Let's hope and pray that this will be our lucky month


purplechic5 - June 12

hey there I will wait with u. My AF was due on the 8th and has not come yet. I too want to be pg... so ? I am due for my yearly on thursday and have taken several pt and a few no response and a few negative. SO frustrating!!!!
anyhoo am waiting with you k?


Cutie - June 12

Jess, I am glad that I am not alone too. I am also happy that Ovulex is helping you. It does help me too, I know exactly when I am ovulating and when my period is coming....Never before :) I know what you mean about dh has to listen so much, my poor husband too....especially right now ..this waiting :) I am glad I am not alone, I WISH ALL OF YOU BFP THIS MONTH :) Purplechik5, WELCOME


tell04 - June 12

Cutie! Afternoon to you, and the rest of the lovely ladies here! I have just been TTC for about 4 months. I usually ovulate around the end of the month. I should have started my cycle on the 11th, but it is not here. I am going to take a PT. I am waiting because I do not want to get my hopes up. I am just basically going to wait to be late about a week before I take one. Kind of nervous about the whole thing! Thanks for your support. I pray that God will bless us all! Tel


Doll - June 12

Hi everyone, Tell04 I should have started my af on the 11th also but it's not here yet. I don't want to take a PT just yet either because I don't want to be disapointed again. I'm just going to try and hold off for a few more days. I sure hope that my af does not come and that i'm really prego. Oh well I'm keeping fingers crossed for all of us. Baby Dust All Around!


juliebean - June 12

since I am waiting, too, i might as well wait with you!



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