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San - September 28

My name is San and i wanted to share a website with all you ladies that need some help concieving. I found this site by chance,and although it cant work miracles it helped me as im 39wks gone using this site. Its free or you can upgrade for a small fee which makes you a life member,all it consists of is charts for working out your fertile time and how to check your cervix. As it took me 2yrs to get pregnant last time didnt think it would help me to concieve any quicker however it took me 3mths. There,s even forums from professionals to help you do everything right believe me im now a cervix expert haha. Anyway its Good luck girls you have nothing to lose, please let me know how you go on. San x


Sophie - September 29

Thanks San, I've been using for 6 months but i'm not yet pg.


SAN - September 30

Hi sophie, sorry to hear your still not pregnant, have you bought some ovulation testing sticks, there really good and give you an idea of your most fertile time. I got mine off the net and there inexpensive i just googled them and chose a website and got a tube full of them delivered and i only used 3. Good luck and keep trying. x


Sophie - September 30

Hi San....i also tried using OPK for 4 months now...but with no luck until now. I'm considering going to OB GYN by next month.


Michelle - October 1

Hi everyone my name is michelle and 2 years ago my husband and i were told i would never be able to have my own children, the fertility doctor told me i have pcos at that time i have never even heard of it but i have done a lot of reading on it now i under stand it better. Im depressed al the time and i blame my self. im only 21 and im losing my mind i think sometimes. I cry all the time every time i see a baby or even talk about. my husband is military and that dont help because the military insurance will not cover any thing that has to be done like ivf and every thing. IM so depressed i dont know what to do some one please help.if u want to talk more u can email me at [email protected]


san - October 2

Hi Michelle. Sorry to hear your news have you tried looking round for other means of having babies if you really cant concieve yourself,id also try asking a few more questions to see if anything can be done to help you. My baby is due in 3 days and he,s got a cleft palate so ive got a few hurdles to jump myself,he will need his first op at 12wks old and im dreading it. Id look around and see if you have any options and maybe have a look on a forum to see what ladies in your position have done you never know what you find out. Good luck,and if your feeling down you can e-mail me at [email protected]. I know i dont know how you feel but ive brilliant sympathetic hearing. x


what???? - October 2

fertility friend for one will not help you get pg, it doesnt do anything different that you couldnt do at home, and two its NOT FREE!!!! you have to pay for a membership before you can even get on the boards. trust me, ive been a member there for well over 1 year!!


to what??? - October 2

actually, if you only want to use the charting software, that is free. If you want to join using the VIP membership, use the circle chat room, etc... then that is something you have to pay for. You can look at other womens charts, create your own, etc... I use it now and itis good to track your progress and print out to show the dr is you have to. good luck.


k.j - October 2

hi san CONG , iwas wondering how did website helped you , it might be silly question but i really dont know !


San - October 3

The website was accidental i was looking for ovulation strips and it came up. I had a look at it and it tells you how to take your temps and check your mucus and cervix to tell if your fertile, then you chart it and after a couple of months you can clearly see a pattern on your chart. Then if you prefer you can test your fertility with strips if you have them or when the best 3 days are to have sex. I used the upgraded membership which means you can use all the charts and get extra tools and i think it was about £25 for life member. It gives you like traffic light colours to determine the best days for sex as it gathers all the info you have put in on your chart, then it tells you when to do a pregnancy test. Theres also forums where you can ask experts for advice. I think you dont have anything to lose by checking it out,and i hope it works for you. Best thing i did. Good luck, San.


jen - October 4

michelle, if pcos is your only issue, you definately can get pregnant! and also, never say never, dr's told me, my son wouldn't live to take his 1st breath and he is 10 now. miracles do happen! i have a 8 week old baby, and it took 5 years and fertility drugs to concieve her with my dh. don't los faith, it's all we have, and sometimes it's enough. i feel your pain though, i have been there, and i hope you get your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. if you ever wanna chat iam here for you!


Jamie - October 4

I've been using for a few months now, and TTC for one year. Congrats to you! Hopefully I can get prego too! The wait and anxiety is overwhelming.



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