anyone want a TTC buddy?
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Sam - June 18

Hi, I am new to all of this. This is my story... I am 28 yrs old. I went on BCP when I was 18 for my acne which cleared up really well. I then met my boyfriend (now husband of 18 mths) when I was 19 and have been on the pill ever since. I stopped the pill late March 2005 and got my first period 5 weeks later (May 6) but was lighter and less painful than normal. Am now about day 44 and still waiting for my second AF post-pill. All pregnancy tests are negative and I feel very pre-menstrual (lower abdomenal pain and back ache on and off for 2 weeks - no breast tenderness or nausea). We would love to have a baby. Anyone out there in similar situation like to be TTC buddies?


Dana - June 21

Hello, I am also new to this. I am 24 years old, I already have two children, but I am not with their father anymore. Now I am with a wonderful man and we would like to have a child of our own. I stopped taking the pill in April and since then I have had irregular periods. Before the pill I was on the shot for a little over a year. We did not get pregnant last month hopefully this month. With your situation I would say maybe you should just give your doctor a call.


hope - June 21

hi, i'm ttc too...been trying since last year. i have pcos so i'm not ovulating properly and i'm taking metformin. i'm on injectables to induce ovulation and will be doing iui next week. really hoping in God that this time will work for me...



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