Anyone wanna do an HPG w/ me 6/29-7/3?
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B - June 27

I have been trying for 4 years and finally had an HSG done on 6/10 and ovulated around 6/15, so my chances should be a little better. DH and I had sex just before and every other day like the nurse said we should. It would be great to get good news on the 4th of July! I have been just slightly crampy since then, but I can't tell if my tummy has been upset or if it might be a sign. No increase in hunger or sore boobs or any other symptoms. Come on, ladies!! Get your tests sticks ready!! Who's in with me?????


Amy - June 27

Hey B. I am gonna take a hpt on the 1st if i do not start that day. the 1st is when i am due to start my period again. i REALLY hope that i get a positive. but, there is a BIG part of me telling me that i am not pregnant. I do not know. i have been having some slight cramps for a few days also. but, today, they got kinda painful, but there was some gas mixed in with them. i am 10 dpo right now. my fingers are crossed for both of us. good luck!!!


Amy - June 27

One other thing i did not mention. the 1st is my birthday, so if i was to get a positive, that would be a wonderful birthday present. :)


Drew - June 27

Hey B, I'm gonna do one around the 3rd though it will be a little early. I'm on cd 23 with my last cycle being 33 days. But I'm hoping..... lotsa luck to you all!


Amanda - June 30

I'm just checking in...I wanted to know if anyone did a HPT yet. My AF is due around the 7 or 8 and I had an HSG test done on 6/10. I trying to stay calm and wait until next week to check but it's getting hard. Any good news from anybody yet?


Amy - July 1

Hello. I took a hpt on the 30th of june. 1 day before af was expected. It came up negative. I started af today, the 1st. I was very let down, but my hubby and i were not TRYING to conceive. But, he decided last night that he was ready to start trying. So, that made me feel so much better.:) I will keep info posted
take care:)



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