Anyone waiting for 23 June
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ce - June 24

When you say spotting what do you mean? What color is it ? and how much blood? Please explain I may have the same symtoms - Does that mean implantation or pregnancy?


Kelly - June 25

When I say spotting, I mean very light pink to brown when you wipe. I do this before af starts full flow. Also, ce, I have taken a first response four to five days early and got a neg. It has always been right, unfortunately :(
But one day we will get our positive!! Hope this helps, by the way did you start af yet? Just curious since it is the 25th and I knew most were due around the 23rd. Best of luck to you...


ce - June 27

Hi Kelly. Thanks for the info. What does af? stand for. I took the first response and it was neg. But I think I did it too early. I am not sure if my p. was due on the 27 or later. I just came off the pills at the end of May and started trying. I never had symtoms like this before: sore/swollen breast, nauseus, and some morning sickness. However, Iam a realist so I guess I will see what happens. I believe that if is meant to be it will be and if not maybe another time. I am ok with that. Ia m just not suer if these symptoms are because I just got off the pill or because I am preg? I spotted last Thurs. reddish- brownish blood with some cramps- but then it went away (after I wipped) and left me confuse- because that is not normal for me. I believe my period is due on the 27- and I am very regular- but will not take a test until that thurs or Fri. I guess I just have to be patient. Thanks for your response:>



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