anyone using donor sperm IUI??
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slowpoke01 - June 20

(why) yeah i feel the same way you do i thought there would be more people but most people that i have talked to cant even believe that dh is the one who suggested that we use a donor and that he actually picked the donor out also they say their dh's would never go for that but i think that if you really love someone you will put your feelings aside and do whatever it takes and not worry about your pride what do you think.. yeah the free pics i think was a great idea for fairfax and i think that may be why they did it so that they get more people to use them


slowpoke01 - June 20

oops forgot to tell you good luck


slowpoke01 - June 20

oops forgot to tell you good luck and lots of baby dust


whynotme - June 20

(slowpoke) I just noticed that we are the same age. I am also 28 almost 29 and DH is 31. We have been married for 4 years and trying to have a baby since the day we were married. We always thought that you get married, buy a house and have babies, right? Wrong...It doesn't always happen like that. It took DH and I a long time to come to terms that he would never have a biological child. I still remember the day when he said to me "I think that we should check into using a donor". I almost p'd myself. This definitely something we have been thinking about for a few years. Now here we are. It took about 2 months to find the right donor and our first IUI happened last Tuesday with no meds. If his one doesn't work, then RE will be putting me on Clomid with ovulation inducing injection. I am pretty nervous about being on Clomid, but will do anything to get preggo! Good luck to you and baby dust!!!!!


slowpoke01 - June 20

clomid isnt that bad i actually took it for the first time this month i had no side effects except that i was really tired and when i ovulated it hurt so bad so i knew exactly when i was ovulating i had less than 1 month to find a donor so dh picked that i just printed everything off the internet and let him look through it and he decided dh pretty much has known that he didnt have a very good chance at having his own child but we kept trying dont worry about taking clomid its not as bad as everyone says and like you i think i would try anything and do whatever it took to get pg


whynotme - June 20

I think that my only concern is the multiple thing. Although I would be glad to take anything that the lord gave me, I just worry about DH. He cringes at the sound of taking care of more then one baby. HE HE HE.. Your DH sounds exactly like mine when it came to picking out the donor. He looked through pages and pages of the donors I printed out. Sometimes he would just see one thing and then throw him away. I would love to keep talking to you about our journey, so stay in touch!


slowpoke01 - June 23

whynotme sorry i havent got to post lately i have been gone for 2 days dh's mom is in the hospital with cancer and has been taking radiation that sounds just like my dh he would see overbite and say oh hell no we arent trying to have a simpson but he picked a brown hair blue eyed with deep dimples cause he said dimples were cute but we went through all of them and the pics before he



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