anyone using donor sperm IUI??
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Ronansmom - June 4

Just wondering if anybody else out there has used a donor for IUI? My DH has Anti Sperm Anti bodies and we have been TTC for 3 years without success so we decided to use a donor.
Let me know...


slowpoke01 - June 4

yes that is what me and my husband are doing this month i just started clomid today and fairfax sperm bank web site has pics of them for free that you can look at some of the other banks charge for each picture that you order i will let you know how it goes


Ronansmom - June 5

finally I found someone!! I had my first IUI one week ago today. We used xytex and I paid for pictures. I did not use any fert meds as I am only 27 and have a son already, so my Dr didn't think they were necessary at this point. When do you think you will O?
I have been crampy on and off since the IUI but have heard that can be an after effect of the procedure.


slowpoke01 - June 5

hey i was beginning to think that i was the only one xytec is suppossed to be a reall good sperm bank i checked it out while i was doign the researching..we decided on a donor because my husband didnt want to do a sperm analysis because he is real shy and it was too embarrassing for him and it was his idea i will go in around the 14th for hcg shot and i will go like the next day and have iui so when are you going to test to see if you are pregnant i think i have read on here that you can test like 2 weeks after iui


Ronansmom - June 6

Hello again,
I think I could get tested now via blood test but I think I will just wait and see if my period shows up. The way it's looking I think it will!!! DAMNIT! Anyway How old are you and your hub? Where are you from? I bet you are getting excited for the big O day! I couldn't believe how fast the IUI was done! It took like 3 minutes! It was totally easy ...
Have a good evening,


slowpoke01 - June 6

hey krysta good to hear from you again i am 28 and he is 43 we have been together for over 8 years and have never used any kind of birth control so we decided to do something about it finally i went to the dr and had progesterone level checked and had hsg dye tests all came back normal except progesterone was 12 which they said wasnt bad and that it showed i ovulated on my own but they like to see it at like 15 or higher so that is why i am taking clomid plus i think i messed up when i told the dr that twins and triplets run on both of our fammilies so he laughed and said then you will definitly need to be on clomid..which so far i have not had any side affects like most people say they do i have 2 more pills to take so we will see i still havent heard back from the dr as to when i need to get the hcg trigger shot so i guess that i will call them if i havent heard anything by monday i have to take 2 of my horses to the vet thursday to have them sonogramed to see of they are pregnant i have spent as much getting my horses pregnant as i have spent on i forgot to tell you i live in texas but i have to go to louisiana to have all of this stuff done because they are the closest place besides dallas and i dont know my way around dallas but i like this dr he seems to know what is going on and when you ask about a treatment he doesnt brush it off like most would he will sit down with you and talk it over..i am more nervous than excited i think about having the iui i am glad that we have the medical resources now days to be able to try different things to get pregnant even if they arent the conventional method of doing things well i will ttyl take care


slowpoke01 - June 9

hey krysta havent heard from you in a couple of days so i was just going to see waht was going on is everything alright? i have ordered the specimen today and i will go in next week and have the iui done so i am getting kind of nervous i havent heard from you so i just wanted to see how you were doing


crystal74 - June 9

is it painful?? i'm going in tomorrow morning to do my first IUI


greeneyedgemini616 - June 10

Crystal I am so exited for you!! The first one hurts a lot more than the ones that follow. My second one was a breeze compared to the first. But everyone is different. So I had my first u/s and they saw TRIPLETS!! I am a little nervous. I will have another one in a week to confirm that all of them are safely implanted. Good Luck though!!!!


slowpoke01 - June 10

greeneyedgemini- that is great i go in next week for an iui and i am hoping that i get pg the first time since the problem was with my husband even though it was with him they did put me on clomid and twins and triplets run in my family but good luck to you you waited so long for a baby and n ow you are having 3 that is great


slowpoke01 - June 18

ronansmom how is everything going with you are you ok i was thinking about you and wanted to see how you were


slowpoke01 - June 19

ronansmom how are you doing whats going on with you? is everything alright


whynotme - June 20

Hey there girls. I am new to this forum and saw that I wasn't the only one using a donor! Thank goodness. I had my first IUI on June 12th and am in the middle of the dreadful 2WW. Geesh, it's going by so slow. I am supposed to get AF this Sat. the 24h, so we will see what happens. I just wanted to say hi and I'm here to chat.


slowpoke01 - June 20

why not me welocome i had ny 1st iui friday and had cramping before but none afterwards so i dont know i have no symptoms like some people are saying they have so i just hope that it worked


whynotme - June 20

I think that everyone is different as far as the symptoms go. I also used Fairfax and took advantage of all of their freebies with pics and stutf. I must have downloaded atleast 30+ baby pics of the donors. Believe it or not it was really a determining factor for DH along with health and family history being #1. DH's family is actually a very sick family and they have a history of passing away very young. So this may be actually a blessing for us. I hope everything goes well for you as I really know what it is like!!


whynotme - June 20

I'm so surprised that there aren't more people that have used a donor here? I know that it is a pretty private thing and most don't even want anyone to know that they are doing it. But this is an anonymous site, so therefore no one even knows who we are. I just wish that I had more people to talk about my experiences and feelings about using this method with. Don't you??


slowpoke01 - June 20

(why) yeah i feel the same way you do i thought there would be more people but most people that i have talked to cant even believe that dh is the one who suggested that we use a donor and that he actually picked the donor out also they say their dh's would never go for that but i think that if you really love someone you will put your feelings aside and do whatever it takes and not worry about your pride what do you think.. yeah the free pics i think was a great idea for fairfax and i think that may be why they did it so that they get more people to use them



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