Anyone using donor sperm?
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RainbowBJW - January 30

Hey all, I have read so many posts about those using Clomid/HCG/etc to increase odds of DH's little guys hitting the jackpot but what about those of us who have to "buy daddy"? I would like to hear from those who like myself have to deal with limited quantities of sperm without our own "factory" at home.


slowpoke01 - January 31

rainbow-i do clomid 50 mg days 3-7, hcg trigger shot and iui using donor sperm. i have a husband but his swimmers dont know how to swim so he decided that we should use donor sperm. i have had 3 iui's. the first didnt work. the 2nd i got pregnant but it was tubal and we had to terminate using methotrexate which is a form of chemo. we used it so that i wouldnt risk scarring or losing a tube. that was in aug/sept. then we tried again in dec but it didnt work so now we have decided to take a break and get caught up on bills and save some more money before we try again. i actually suggested the hcg trigger shot to my doc after the 1st iui without it didnt work. i think that the iuis are better timed with the hcg trigger shot, they do follicle monitoring and give you the trigger when the follicles are between 20-25. i would suggest having it if at all possible. i really think that is what helped get me pregnant on the 2nd iui. they will do the iui using the donor sperm about 36 hours after the trigger shot. this helps to better time the iui and increases your chances of getting pregnant. dh and i have been together for 10 years and never used birthcontrol, so imagine how we felt when we finally saw our very first + pregnancy test. good luck to you.


RainbowBJW - February 5

Hey slowpoke01 - Thanks for your story and I'm so sorry to hear about your tubal preg. That is the same route we are using exactly, Clomid+HCG+IUI. Just finished first IUI and doing the 2WW, can't test till Friday but can feel AF coming so I'm not expecting much, I've heard it's rare to get preg the first time anyway. I didn't have much response from Clomid this month (only 1 good follie) I'm going to ask doc if he can increase Clomid dose this month. We're only using Clomid and IUI to better time and compensate for frozen sperm being less motile. So what sperm bank are you using? We're using CCB. Hope to talk to you soon.



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