Anyone using Clear Blue Fertility Monitor?
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Karen - May 30

I borrowed this fertility monitor from a friend of mine, and I wondered if anyone has had success with it. I bought the test sticks (not cheap!) and will start using them tomorrow morning. I'm kind of afraid that if I know we're having sex on the right days and still don't get pregnant, it will be even more discouraging. Anyone have any thoughts?


stacey - May 31

I bought the damn kit and found out after I bought it that it won't work for me b/c I have long cycles. Since I paid all that money for it, I am going to continue to use it..had heard good things about it- I guess if you have short cycles it's good. it asks you to start testing on day 6, and will only let you test for 10 or 20 days after that, so I ovulated on day 36 and wasted 20 tests not knowing that it would just stop asking me for it. I was under the impression that I could test until i either got my period or O'd. I am hoping that this cycle will be a bit shorter for me and hopefully will work better. How long did your friend use it for? Just be careful b/c it is like a compuer and stores the info in it, so it will be basing your cycle on your friends in the begining


Barbara - May 31

Hi Karen,
I have been using the clear blue monitor for a while now. It definitely works. It pinpoints the exact day that I ovulate. Good luck!


stacey - June 1

Barbara- do you have long cycles? How long- if you don't mind me asking.. What day of the cycle do you ovulate (#).


Karen - June 1

Hmm, thanks for your feedback. My friend who I borrowed it from had long, irregular cycles and it didn't really work for her, either. I didn't realize it would keep all the old information. I still haven't been able to use it because I'm on day 6 of my cycle and it still hasn't told me to take a test. I bought the test strips, but I'm not sure when I'm supposed to start using them. My friend used it for about 2 years, but after 3 years of ttc and 4 IUI treatments, they are now in the process of adopting. Stacey, I'm sorry it didn't work for you--must be frustrating.


stacey - June 1

Karen- very frustrating, but I'm going to try it again. Did she give you the book that came with it? I think it says the computer will ask you to test between day 6 and 9 depending on your past records. So, if she had long cycles maybe it'll ask you to test on cd9. Good luck and keep me posted :) If you don't have the booklet and have more questions, let me know as well- I still haveand use mine daily :)



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