Anyone used/using progesterone cream?
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Kim Willoughby - May 1

Has anyone out there used progesterone cream while ttcing? I had low prog with my second baby and am thinking about using progesterone cream once we start ttcing later this summer.

Any thoughts?


BAF - May 1

Hey Kim, I am using progesterone cream. I was diagnosed with a lpd and the dr put me on Clomid. After 4 rounds of it, I decided to take myslef off and now I'm using the progesterone cream. I start using it twice a day as soon as I know I've ovulated. Then continue until about day 28 of my cycle. My dr said once I do confirm a pregnancy, she'll put me on prescription progesterone. Just waiting for that to happen! I'm 9pdo and will probably test in the next day or so. If not pregnant, will stop the cream and af will usually start within 2 days. Best of luck to you!



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