Anyone used pg test from Dollar Tree ??
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cmarie - April 10

I was going to start puchasing my pg tests from Dollar Tree to save $6 a pop. Has anyone tried them before or know if they are even worth buying?


Ann - April 10

I have used lots of them, and they have always shown the correct answer. Unfortunately that answer is always a BFN! The box says they detect 20miu, which is very sensitive.


cw - April 10

i havent gotten a + yet on them so i am not sure but i do use the ovualtin strips from the dollar tree and they work really well for me so i think that they probably work fine.


cmarie - April 10

Great! I am going to go buy both today then. (wishful think on the pg test )Thanks for the feedback.. I just cant believe they are selling the same thing for $1 as the drug store sells for $7


MuzikGurl - April 11

Hey cw! I just bought three ovulation tests today at the dollar tree and was excited they even had them! most dollar stores don't sell the opks but sell the pg., I haven't tried them yet but, was wondering are you on clomid also when u tried them?? I'm currently on 50 mgs. but fixin' to start 100mgs of clomid and wondered when u started testing with the opk...such a relieve to know they work for someone! I didn't see any pg. test at the store I went to but I did find to opk was it wasn't total lost. thanks in advance! ***baby dust****


Nikki - April 11

I've looked in two different dollar trees and I haven't found these tests yet. Do they usually sell them in every store?


Lilu - April 11

I've used these test and I got a BFP so they work.


cw - April 11

hey Musikgirl! well i am actually on Femara and i normally start testing @ day 13 and normally I O around day 17-18. i get a really dark positive and i have tried alot of different kinds. good luck on them!!


want2testnow - April 11

Nikki, you might have to actually ask the cashier. I know at my store, they have them behind the counter and LOCKED because of theft issues. I guess people couldn't pay $1 for a test, they had to steal. But try asking... and check Dollar General, and Family Dollar if you have those stores.



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