Anyone Used Instead Soft Cups
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Cendy - August 30

I have heard that you can use Instead Soft Cups that are used for menstruation, to help women TTC. I heard you put a cup in once you have sex and it helps the swimmers stay in place for up to 12 hours. Has anyone tried this and it worked?


merlee - August 30

I have used the Instead cup for AF but not after sex to keep the little guys stay there.


D - August 30

I've used it. I can't say it was THE thing that made it happen, but I did finally fall pg while using them twice. Losses but that's not because of the cups. And it made me feel good to think that I was keeping as many of those little guys in there as I could!


Cendy - August 31

D, how hard are they to put in. I mean right after you BD, how do you get it where it needs to be quickly.


D. - August 31

I would suggest you practice putting it in for a couple of days. I used the diaphragm as BC so it was pretty much like inserting that. It will only take once or twice for you to get the hang of it. It's not hard at all. I promise!


Cendy - August 31

Thanks for the info D! Are you still using the cups or have you conceived?


D. - August 31

I'm currently doing an IUI. But I will always use them as long as I am ttc. If the catheter doesn't get it, maybe the cups will. LOL



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