anyone use aimstick preg tests?
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leahb5 - November 26

i'm just wondering before i buy if anyone has had any expiriences with aimstick preg tests. are they just as accurate and do you think they really detect that low of hcg? has anyone used them and gotten an early pos??? my dh is so funny he says we should stop buying them because those stupid things never work!! haha i said hon i dont think its the tests!! thanks girls!


marhar7106 - November 26

I have used aimstick pregnancy tests. I'm not sure if they really detect that low of hcg or not because as it turned out I wasn't pregnant. It did give me the correct result though. Good luck!


cspears99 - November 26

Hi I have yet to have a positive test but I use the sticks and I used them after my hsg shot to make sure they worked and they showed positive for over 5 days, so even as the shot was wearing off it showed positive, so I do beleive the work pretty well, hopefully someday I will be able to tell you they worked for real, good luck to you!!


Amysince70 - November 26

They work well. I tested positive on them until day 12 after my trigger shot. I went in for an early blood test because I thought (and the nurse also told me) that they couldn't possibly still be picking up on the trigger. When I went in for the beta they told me that my hcg level was 7 and it picked up on an AIMstick the day before. But it's day 14 now and I'm no longer getting positive. They work well and I'm planning on buying more for next month....sigh.



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