anyone under 25 and still ttc #1?? need buddies
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crystal74 - June 2

andy, you should start charting temps every morning before you get out of bed. it might help to pin point when o happened. my dr. said that this method isn't reliable but i think she is wrong because so far it has worked for me. and lots of women on these threads use this method. might help....


andy - June 2

ok I will certainly do anything ... What is the degree of diference between your temperature of a regular day and an O day ??? thanks : )


andy - June 2

crystal , has your Dr. already called you to set your IUI´s ??? mandy ... after how many cicles with no ovulation did they gave you clomid ???


crystal74 - June 2

okay andy let's see if i can do this.....I usually stay between 97.0-97 on normal days, then after i O it will go up to the 98's. in the low 98's. i read it somewhere. and if you go to fertility it has a chart you can do to help. I am still at work so i don't know for sure, but when i get home tonight i will give you the exact web site i go to and i chart down my temps everyday and it shows me this graph which is real easy to read. it helps me, so i think it could really help you too.


crystal74 - June 2

yeah i just went there, it's and you can sign up for free. when you have charted for a month it'll be easier to read and it will tell you when you have o. real helpful


crystal74 - June 2

yeah!!!!!!:):):):) i just talked to my dr. as soon as i get a possitive LH surge opk i call in and get the IUI done the next day. I started my a/f may 25th so i should be ovulating next week. i didn't realize this would be so soon. i am so excited. oh crap i had a margarita last night. well a half of one and my honey drank 4 beers. would this affect any of it??? i think we'll be okay. how exciting!!!!


andy - June 2

thanks a lot ... I hope I can do it in celcius too ... ( because I´m from Ecuador and thats what we use here) ... HOW GREAT you can start this soon... I hope everything goes wonderful and you get pg on the first try.... : - ) , I really hope time goes really fast this week because I want to know what to do , all I have to do this week is wait for my test and then we´ll see


andy - June 2

yeeeeeaaaahhh... I can do it in celcius ... ( now I only have to buy a termometer ) ja ja ja


crystal74 - June 2

oooh, how exciting for both of us. so what will the test determine?? are they testing for something specific or???? the progesterone- that's the one where they see if you did O? i think that's what my dr. is ordering after we do the IUI's. Good luck, maybe you'll jump on board with me and my IUI's. I hope you don't have too though. i hope you fall preg this month too. Ecuador, must be hot down there?


crystal74 - June 2

hey mandi, any side effects from the meds?


andy - June 2

the blood tests are for LH , E2 , FSH , PROGESTERONE and PROLACTIN , I already had the first 3 done , got the results , but won´t go to the dr till I have all of them... that will be in 6 days... Yes... It´s real hot and humid... but its nice...


Mandi24 - June 3

hey crystal ... no side affects for me.. i take the meds at night ... i see a obgyn right now.. if i dont get a BFP this month .. my doctor is refering me to a RE doctor.,.. so i am trying to get ready and prepare my self to pull out the check book .. lol.. i would really love to have a bfp this month.. if god is willing!! so wish me luck .. lol..


crystal74 - June 5

good luck mandi. Andy, what are those tests for, to determine? did you guys have a good weekend? I did, i took my GED math Writing test on saturday and i feel that i kicked butt, and while i was there i found out that i passed my math, i'm excited about all that. My hsb and I bought a new couch and chair yesterday. It's so nice that today we're taking down our kitty's to get declawed. I feel so sorry for them though, i hope it doesn't hurt too bad. I'm gonna make sure they get the pain med. Over the weekend my brother and his girlfriend asked about our infertility and what's happening with it. I told them about the inseminations and how excited we are and both of them told me that if i just relaxed and quit trying that i would get pregnant. I wanted to punch them, i'm so sick of hearing that crap. Obviously after 5 years together and over 4 years of unprotected sex and no pregnancys, there's obviously more issues than stress preventing it. i hate that crap


andy - June 5

hey !!!! ..... mandy , I really don´t know what all this tests are for ... tomorrow I´ll have some more test done ( progesterone ) and I´ll have my apt on thursday . .. I´ll let you know by then : )... I guess they are to determine if something is wrong and be causeing not to ovulate ... the thing is that we´ve just been trying for 8 months and our dr didn´t want to do anything to me ... but under all the pressure we gave him he told us that he will give me an u/s to confirm my ovulation and to let me know that everything was ok and that I was panicing over nothing ... but BAM there it was , no ovulation ... so thats when he ask for all this exams .... and thats how I´m so far .... I HAD A GREAT WEEKEND , I had my one year wedding aniversary party and all our family visited us... (of course they asked us about when will we have a baby ... ) but what can I do... I´ts not my fault , I do want one... But putting that aside ... nice weekend ... I´m happy to read you had a nice weekend too : )


slowpoke01 - June 5

andy- i had my progesterone checked and it was 12 which they said wasnt bad but wasnt great so if yours is below 10 they should put you on clomid like they did me they said they like to see it higher than 12 like 15 or something but anything under 10 is not good it tells them if you have ovulated i think is what my ob/gyn said


TiffanyRae - June 5

Aloha all! Just stopped in and am hoping I can join your group. My DH and I have been TTC for over two years. I am 25 and he is 33. The first year we spent just riding along thinking these things take time...then all of a sudden two years were almost gone.. so we decided we had better start seeing what was going on. So far I have had blood testing done. Everything comes out ok except my ovulation. I don't ovulate every month. I have a Pelvic ultra sound scheduled for tomorrow and a dye test end of next week. So I am excited. The one main thing we have going for us is an amazing doctor. He will schedule us for ANYTHING we ask him too! We are military and he is a military doc so I think he is just tired of being asked for a million different tests by military wives! lol so he is quick to schedule! Anyway I am not completely up on all the abbreviation lingo so please bare with me! Thanks all and have a great day!



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