anyone under 25 and still ttc #1?? need buddies
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MelissaP - July 16

Hello everyone....I was reading your stories and can't help but think I might be in the same situations soon. I am 23, never been pregnant and I will be getting married in september. I have always had odd, random cycles that are usually very long. One month 34 days..the next 45, the next 37...My OB doctor told me that I am not ovulating regurarly or maybe not at all. I am really scared....since I want to star ttc pretty soon. My fiance is 30 and we have been together for five years so we are quite ready for this. I know he doesnt have any problems b/c he has fathered two children with his ex-wife. Can you girls please let me know what to expect? doctor told me that when I am ready to give her a call and to bring my last three months history of cycles in and we will get started from there. Thanks for listening


slowpoke01 - July 16

melissa i would suggest asking about an hsg dye test to make sure you tubes arent blocked also have your progesterone level checked this is just a simple blood test also you may check into seeing an RE doc cause they are usually more aggressive than an ob/gyn and they dont mind doing testing like some ob/gyn's dont want to do anything until you reach a certain age so that is what i would suggest also maybe start charting your bbt and using opk's to see if and when you are ovulating good luck to you


MelissaP - July 16

Thanks for the advice slowpoke. All these tasks seem to take the surprise and special-ness out of ttc. I don't know how all your girls do it. You are very very brave. I hope everything is well with me so I don't have to make ttc a huge ordeal like some of you have to go through. Good luck and I pray for healthy and happy babies in the near future for all of you!



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