anyone ttc with multiple fertility issues???
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tkm1982 - October 21

I have 3 issues that I believe are interfering with our ttc efforts. 1. Endometriosis 2. PCOS 3.Short Luteal Phase
I'm on Prometrium but I've been having trouble detecting ovulation for the past 2 cycles. The 2 before that, I definitely ovulated but it was too late in my cycle, hence the Prometrium. I've had darker than usual but not dark enough OPK's around mid cycle but no EWCM until about 2 weeks after the dark OPK. Now I am a week late (same as last month, but 28 days in previous cycles) so I am (unfortunately) expecting my AF anytime, especially with the 2 BFN's earlier this week. Could it still be too early to get a BFP? Should I test again this weekend? And if still no AF, should I get a blood test? My doc is planning to schedule an HSG when/if I get my AF. Is Clomid the next step? Please HELP!!!! This waiting is driving me nuts!!!!



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