Anyone ttc on clomid (1st time for me) after miscarriage?
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pink_roses - June 15

hi, i'm 31 and i had a m/c at 12 weeks on april 4th. i have been having anovulatory spotting (like every day!) since the m/c. i was put on prometrium for 2 weeks which never changed the spotting. they then started me on clomid today while guessing i am cd5 (since i never got my period). we'll see what happens... i am new to the clomid thing. my OB is hoping this will jumptstart my system. any advice on BD timing, opk timing etc. is welcome. i am also looking for cycle buddies! best wishes to all!


Val - June 15

Hi Pink Roses... I'm so sorry about your mc in April. I'm scheduled to start clomid on Saturday. I had a mc in August and haven't been successful at ttc since then. I have fairly long cycles (33-45 days) so the specialist is putting me on clomid for three months to see if it will help shorten my cycles. He is having me use ovulation predictors to help find the best days to bd... I believe he said that ovulation usually happens about 4-6 days after you finish the clomid. Hope that helps some... good luck and let's keep each other posted!


pink_roses - June 15

thanks for the advice on ovulation. i'm sorry about your loss as well. are you seeing an RE? i am still with my OB since i was able to conceive the first time right after i went off the pill. i have a feeling that going off the pill somehow triggered ovulation for me even though my OB says otherwise. we'll see. if i am not pregnant by the end of the year i might find an RE. this clomid thing is suppoesed to be a one time shot for me to try to start my cycle again. if it doesn't correct itself after this i might move to a specialist. good luck and keep me posted!


slowpoke01 - June 15

i jsut started clomid this month i started taking it on june 4th that was day 3 of my cycle took it until day 7 of my cycle and i am ovulating today i use opk's and i will be going in tomorrow for an iui the dr told me that when you get your surge line(when the test line is as dark as or darker than the control line on the opk )that you should ovulate within 36 hours and so that is why they are doing it tomorrow because that way i should ovulate right before or soon after the iui not sure if i am making any sense but alot of people say to bd right before and right after ovulation


KitCat - June 17

Some people say 4-6 days after clomid you ovulate, some say 5-10. It just all depends. Before taking it my cycles were always 28 days every month like clockwork. June is my third month of clomid 100 mg. First two months were on cd5-9, this month was cd3-7. First two months after taking clomid my cycle was 32 days and 33 days. OPK's really help alot, but taking your BBT helps even more so. BBT will also give you an idea if you are pregnant days before a HPT will show a + . Be prepared for some of the clomid side effects. Headaches, dizziness, hot flashes ...those were the worse with me. Good luck and baby dust to all of you.


Val - June 17

hi again... PR, yes, I am seeing a specialist. I'm 36 and hadn't conceived again after 7 months of trying, so I didn't want to wait any longer. I felt better after we talked with the new's good to know that we have a 6-month plan (clomid for 3 months, then an hsg and then iui for 3 months if still no pg). I'm hoping the clomid does the trick. I got pg last time on the 3rd month of trying, but I think my age might not be helping. I went in for FSH testing on Thursday... I'm really hoping not to find out that my eggs are old or something! Hope you are doing well...



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