Anyone TTC in May? looking for cycle buddies..
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NicoleM - May 1

Katt, when are you going to test? I hope this is it for you... that's great that you have such an open Dr. I met with my Dr. for the 1st time today (had always seen the NP before). My Dr. was really great too. It's wonderful when they really listen and are pro-active. Babydust!!!


Katt - May 1

Well Nicole I think I may wait this one out. I have tested twice and BFN's but the thing is the tests require 25mg or whatever of hcg and if I purchased the over sensative ones online why I's might as well wait, dunno. I wasted two tests and the darned things aren't cheap. I work for a lab so if I don't start by weekend I'll try a cheapy dipstick and get blood test on Monday if still no af - though I am probably pushing it in saying that cause temptation is too great, LOL but disappointment is so much worse I think I'd rather see af than another BFN!


Katt - May 1

Of course, I'd much rather have a BFP!!!!! ;) BABYDUST!


Katt - May 1

ooo did y'all see that - a one-liner - go figure, LOL


Katt - May 1

AHHA two! Sorry ladies, I am so hyper today dunno what's gotten into me, pardon the pun, LOL Oh my I have really lost it haven't I?


NicoleM - May 1

You're cracking me up! I definitely prefer that to the crying I was doing last week. I know what you mean about testing - I was trying to wait this last time, but tested and got BFN - ughh - it's horrible, isn't it... well I hope AF stays far away!


wannabeamom - May 1

Wow! I cannot believe all that has happened today so far. Welcome Brellen, ROBYN & Shauna. We have a great bunch here. Bluejada, I don;t know why AF is so weird. But I read that fertility drugs can effect it. I dugure since I took a high dose of clomid AF was very weird for me. It was very light with a few clots and then one big one that looked like a small liver. It was disgusting! Kelly I am happy everything is going well for you. Shauna, have you tried opk's? I found them a little easier to start with and they tell you in advance of ovulation. Where BBT tells you you already ovulated. I am using BBT & clearblue easy now. I was using another form of opk and was satisfied. Have you been to the Dr. yet? What did he say? Well group have a great night!


wannabeamom - May 2

A quick question... Has anyone tried Femglide, Slippery Stuff or Preseed? I have preseed, but it is expensive. Femglide and Slippery Stuff are about the same price and more affordable. All claim to be sperm friendly. Any input?


Shauna - May 2

Katt, you crack me up. lol I was like that on another post. Well I now can talk your I am CD26. I didn't have any idea what that was until today. So I am using that and it is very useful for me to track good BD days. Wannabeamom: No I have not tried OPKs yet. They are expensive and I am technologically challenged. The BBT will give me an idea of when I ovulate I guess. After 5 years of TTC I am not against waiting a couple more months to track my temps.....But thank you for your advice.... I have actually thought about using the opks. Maybe if I am still on this post in


Katt - May 2

Shauna, have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility?? It tells more than three ways to track your OV. Oh and if you saw my other posts on our previous thread you would moreso WOW over my one liner's, LOL -Kelley, I am so glad to hear of great things, keep em coming!! I did a bad bad thing in speculation, eh maybe it's a good thing No definitely not. I read on this website and in TCOYF that well the temps when taken out of sync well they rise by .1 and one could play around and picture their chart if temps were taken at the same time every day...well oh this so sucks...if that were the case this month I didn't ovulate at all!! Okay, yeah talk about a down play well I was all hyped up and started messing where I didn't belong and look where it got me, lol. Eh all is good - I'll just stick to my original chart like nothing happened since it at least depicts OV and hope for a temp spurt soon! Besides, I am not known for skipping an egg! No way! Ok I am rambling - Ahh Shauna, this , this, this is what I am good at...(venting)...babydust to all and to all a good night;)


NicoleM - May 2

I get my opk's from ebay - i get like 20 for $8. They are just the strips, so you have to pee in a cup, but they are much less expensive. They always work fine for me - been using them for about 6 months and I o regularly. wannabeamom, i have only used preseed, but would also be interested in a less expensive "sperm-friendly" lube if anyone has any info... good-night :)


ROBYN - May 2

Good evening everyone. Kelley I have been following your post since you found out you were PG I am glad all is going well for you. I didnt really write much on the TTC April board I just read and followed up on everyone. I am on CD11 5 days past last Clomid pill. I noticed this month on the 100mg not feeling as awful as I did on the first round at 50mg. Just getting some little pains on the right side. Go get my U/S on wednesday and estrogen level check so will see whats going on. Already have the prescription for the trigger shot that I am sure they will want me to do on Wednesday. But.... I am getting married on Sunday so... If all goes well maybe a little procreation on the wedding night!!! - May 2

katt u r truly mad babe but we love u all the same hahahahahahah wannabamom ive just been and got pre seed but wont b able to tell u anything as i wont b using it for a week or so i got mine off ebay and i had a choice of getting free p/g test or opk test (i got opk as i all ready free pg test with sliva kit ) robyn glad u have now decided to join us lol xxxxx well my new found friends take care and ill catch u later xxx baby dust 00xx - May 2

oh by the way can anyone remember how long na25 will b on her hols MISSING HER LOADS !!!!!! lol - May 2

good morning my lovely ladies, and how r we all? kat u r truly mad babe but we love u hahahahahahhahahah no really we do lol .... wannabamom ive just bought pre seed i did thing the price was that bad but then i did get it from uk ebay and also had the choice of either free p/g test or free opk test ( i got opk test this time as i had free p/g test with saliva kit i got last time) robyn its nice to have u now join us and not reading from afar lol and good luck on the wedding babe hope ur both happy and get that honey moon baby xx........... ok gurls ill look in on u a bit later HAVING NEW CARPET FITTED TODAY lol so got to get moving lol babe dust xx oh b4 i forget can anyone remember how long na25 is going to b away on her hols for ??? im starting to miss her lol xxxx - May 2

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ok im not mad and posted all those post on purpose but i sware my pc shut down my web browser ....... and my first 2 my post got lost so i did the third one and they all appered when i hit sumit this last time ??????????? spooky lol



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