Anyone TTC in May? looking for cycle buddies..
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wannabeamom - May 1

I hope everyone finds this!


ROBYN - May 1

wannabeamom, would like to join TTC in May on CD 11 finished 2 round Clomid 100mg on days 2-7 have U/S and estrogen level on CD12 to see if anything is maturing. If not HCG shot.


brellen - May 1

hi i would like to join you also i took 7 days of provera and AF showed up today so i start my clomid 2morrow very excited, so i guess this is CD1 my first time using any type of medication after TTC for 16 months with no luck, best of luck to you all. - May 1

ahhhhhhhhh cool i found u hay wannabamom hows things with u ? ok this is gonna sound odd but a/f showed 30th and today its like im on last day !!!! hardly any blood at all ???? took a p/g test 2 days after A/F was due and it was neg ive never had this happen b4 ..... im always heavy for anout 2 - 3 days ??? anyone got any idears ? ps welcome brellen and good to see u again robin xx


kelley32 - May 1

Morning ... it's nice to have a shorter thread, not so much scrolling, LOL! Welcome to brellen and welcome back Robyn ... goood luck with your treatments. Bluejada, I remember sometimes AF slowing down to almost a complete stop on the second day for me, then starting up again, I always thought that was strange, I wonder why that happens? Well, I'm 7 weeks today, ladies, and feeling really great, hardly any m/s over the weekend, but boobs are very heavy and sore ... DH has tried to go for them a few times and he gets hissed at! I told him last night that after I'm finished breastfeeding this baby that I'm going to have a reduction ... with my last pregnancy, I ended up going up a cup size, and not coming back down and I'm praying that it doesn't happen again this time. I was happy being a C!!!! Well, I'm working from home today because daycare is closed so I've just got to go to the office to pick up some things, then I'll be back to check in later. Have a great day!!! Hope everyone finds the new thread ... XXOO


NicoleM - May 1

Good morning ladies. I'm glad you started the new thread, the other was getting very long! I hope you are all in good spirits today. bluejada, last month i had a similar thing happen - I actually started AF 2 days early, then it stopped for a whole day, then started again like normal... i have no idea what that was about, but this month it was back to normal...


NicoleM - May 1

I just got a call from my ob/gyn, she had an appt open one hour from now, so I've gotta get going. Please pray for me that this will be the start of finding out what is going on... (and that I won't start blubbering when I try to talk about it) :) I'll let you all know what she says when I get back...


Shauna - May 1

Hi I would like to join in too. DH and I have been TTC for 5 yrs. If AF comes it should be here on or around the 6th. Last month AF was only one day but it was sooooo painful and heavy. That has never happened before. Baby dust to you all.


Shauna - May 1

Forgot to say that I have no idea when I O so I am going to track my temp after AF comes. After 5 yrs I assume she will. lol.


Cloe - May 1

My AF is due by May 9. I am on CD26, and really hoping for a BFP. This is my last cycle with Clomid. I have an appointment this Thursday with OB to see what is the next step.


Shauna - May 1

BabyDust Cloe.


crystal74 - May 1

hello, i am new to this forum. after not ovulating last month, i am hopeing that i finally do o this week. been keeping my temps for a couple months now. my temp is still low as of today. i should ovulate this friday. I am suppose to take a test after we bd to see if my c/m is hostile but i forget if i have to be ovulating to do this or not? anybody know, or done this before?


crystal74 - May 1

i'm pretty sure the doctor said to wait till i ovulate then come in. that would make more sense anyways to see if my c/m around ovulation is hostile.


NicoleM - May 1

Hi girls, I'm back from my appointment. I feel better just that we're getting things moving. She went ahead and ordered an hsg for me and semenanalysis for dh. The hsg won't be until next month though. In the meantime I'm going to try the robitussin before O. Crystal, I'm sorry, I don't know when you should check the cm to see if it is hostile, but i'm sure one of the other ladies knows. - May 1

evening gurls ...... hello to all the new faces .... well af started again, how odd ? but what can u do but sit it out right lol anyway im ready for another shot at it this month !!!!! got some pre seed this month too xx baby dust all xx


Katt - May 1

Good eve all! Welcome brellen, Shauna, and crystal74 - it's great to have you with us ;) You will find our thread to be one of a kind and quite supportive. Well at CD25 & 13 dpo, still scantly spotting the brown stuff and temp really hasn't done anything to cause worry for early visit from af SO I am still hoping. Had Dr. Appt today; He agrees my chart "could" be indicative of pg; but since my breast have had discharge my prolactin may have been too high this cyc. He reassured me that I shouldn't worry about BCA since no lumps & didn't order prolactin level so we're waiting it out! He did tell me to continue on the progesterone since it's such a low dose and stop at 28th day or if af comes first AND suggested no use next cycle irregardless (to see if possible CL defect if this month repeats itself). My next appt is prior to OV in June to determine if need pc anymore. I mentioned the baby aspirin and he said to fax him the Lit. OH and get this he wants to barrow my TCOYF book to do a quick read that's a cool doctor!! He's gonna try to find me an "open minded" OB as well. Babydust to all and to all a happy days until we post again! Take care ;)


NicoleM - May 1

Katt, when are you going to test? I hope this is it for you... that's great that you have such an open Dr. I met with my Dr. for the 1st time today (had always seen the NP before). My Dr. was really great too. It's wonderful when they really listen and are pro-active. Babydust!!!



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