Anyone TTC in June? Looking for cycle buddies ... PART 3
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Shauna - June 19

Hey wannabeamom... did you mean to wish slowpoke and tammy BFNegatives? I don't understand : (


cmelissa - June 19

Hey Wannabe - cd 18 today and still no +OPK?? So weird - I do tend to have irregular cycles and since I'm trying natural this cycle I may O later in the cycle. Still bding to cover all aspects! Slowpoke - good luck - praying for a BFP for you!! Nicole - good luck to you too!! How exciting about the new place!!


LeslieK - June 19

Good morning everyone, I hope all is well today with everyone. Rhonda, you asked where can you find preseed in your area...I found it at a small pharmacy in my area, but looking up locations online. Go to and then click on PHARMACY OUTLETS and it will give you all of the different states they sell it in and hopefully you can find at retailer in your area. I'm doing well today. I have my Dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon. We should be scheduling the 20 week ultrasound tomorrow too, so that's kind of exciting. I get the alpha feta protein test tomorrow so I'm kind of nervous about that. I've heard it has a lot of room for error and I don't want to have to deal with all of that, so keep your fingers crossed everything comes back fine. Have a great day everyone!


kelley32 - June 19

hey girls ... hope all is great today ... I'm really busy today ... have to make up for missing tomorrow afternoon for my doc appt, YAY!!! I have to admit, I am a bit nervous, though. I have this weird thought that he'll tell me I'm not pg, that it was all in my head ... it's funny, I thought the same thing when pg with my daughter, too. Shauna, I think that Kathy is probably so used to BFN, that that's what came out ... I'm sure she meant to say BFP.


mommy2josh - June 19

Hi Girls, how is it hangin? Well cd10 and AF is still here. Took another hpt to rule out m/c, got a NOT PREGNANT. Called my doc this morning but he is on vacation till Tuesday, his partner is going to call me back today. It is so weird that I have absolutely no cramps. Dont think its a cyst, I had a 3.5 inch cyct once and when it burst, I had a lot of painful cramps. Anyhow, sorry for the BFN's and easy waiting for all those on the 2ww. (((((hugs)))))


dana - June 19

Found you again... Nicole, thanks for the welcome. I just got an appointment for tomorrow night for the HSG. I'm so excited I could pee. I am really hoping that this will help us figure out why we can't conceive.


na25 - June 19

HELLO GIRLS:) just a quick check in. (((Kelley))GOOD LUCK on the appointment. I am cd 18 hmm it think it is to early for pg showin + :) Oh and my temps aren't that high...97.4 ...Not sure what is happening with my positive opks...will do one more today :) TTYL HUGS


na25 - June 19

Oh hey, i am sure wannabemom meant BFP :) don't worry girls:) wannabemom is a sweetheart!


cmelissa - June 19

Leslie - wishing you a ton of luck at your dr. appt!! Do you know if you are having a girl or boy? Kelley - let us know how the appt goes tomorrow :) Dana good luck tomorrow at yor dr. appt - take some tylenol before b/c it sometime gives you cramping. Na when did you ovulate??


bl - June 19

Hi all, Rhonda good luck with the test, there are a lot of false positives with that test, it happened to me and my son was just fine. Don't let it make you crazy! I ordered preseed online from and there is free shipping. na are you still getting+ opk? I woke up today and my temp was 97.6 and It's my cd12? It's usually 97.0 before o.I took opk and it's almost +, prob tomorrow. So I don't know what the high temp is about. The only good thing, is we bd sat and sun. Oh who knows?


Tammy276 - June 19

Hi ladies. Thought I would check in before I'm off to work. Well, I'm on CD 41, 15 dpo. It is getting so frustrating! My lutal phase is anywhere from 13-17 days long, so the last day I should expect Af would be wed. I wanted to test sooo bad today, but I refrained!! I feel like crap. I took some Claritin-D 24hour last night, and it made me feel really sick. Well, I'm still feeling sick because it's 24hr medication! This really stinks. i feel so weak and sick to my stomach. I really don't want to go to work, but I have to. Better go get ready. Have a great day ladies.


slowpoke01 - June 19

hey all good evening wannabe i just figured you mistyped no big deal good luck to everyone ihope we get alot of BFP's this month


na25 - June 19

hello again, Leslie - good luck at your dr. appt...I forgot to take my bbt this morning again...but i got again that opk + lol....this is unbelievable. On 22nd I am having progesterone test and will see what happens…Dana good luck at appointment for tomorrow night for the HSG. I will come back later...hugs


bl - June 19

oops, I meant to say Leslie about the protein test!


dana - June 19

I'm a bit nervous about the HSG, but I'm sure it will be ok. My husband is out of town on business. Wish he was here for it. I'll let you know how it goes.


dana - June 19

Oh, another thing... I have no clue what all these acronymns are for: cd, bd, bfp, bfn... I think that's it. I know the rest.



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