Anyone TTC in JULY? Looking for cycle buddies??
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liltif - July 20

Tammy a big CONGRATS!!!! The cramps could be the normal stretching.. or nerves. Try not to worry about it. I know, easy to say but hard to do!

Good Luck to the rest of us! Maybe this is the start of something?


Shauna - July 20

TAMMY....CONGRATS on the BFP!!!! That is so exciting. Dont worry about another M/C, worry will only take away the joy. HEE HEE....Wishing you lots of TUMMY RUBS.


kitten117 - July 20

Congrats Tammy, I’m very happy for you. It was so sweet that you showed the test to your DH at the anniversary night. My 1st year anniversary is coming up next month; I wish it would happen to me too. Girls, it is a good start! Hopefully, all of us will have good news soon. I made an appointment with my OB this morning, you know what…the earliest appointment was 9/1. I thought I would go crazy before the appointment! newmommy- I think nothing you should worry about because the monitor will usually ask for 20 tests at the 1st time. I think you wouldn’t miss your O date. Good day everyone.


newmommy - July 21

TAMMY!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Our first official BFP!!! Did I not tell you that it only takes once??? :-) I'm SO happy that this was your month! I'd tell you not to worry about m/c, but being that I've been there myself, I'm sure I'd be the same way. Thanks for the reassurance on the monitor; I'm just anxious to get the BD in during the both the high and peak times---AF is kinda getting in the way. I think she's gone now, though---tonight's the night!


Tammy276 - July 21

Thank you so much girls....yes you were right, it only takes once!! I think I am still in shock. I went for a blood test and they confirmed it, so it is a definate positive. When I called to ask for a lab slip, the nurse in the ob dept. was a bag. She's like, "Well, if your last mp was June 22, it's not even July 22, why would you want to test already? It hasen't even been a month" Excuse me, I'm paying for it, it's my decision, I had a positive home test, just send me to the freakin lab lady!! Good thing I didn't tell her my Af isn't actually due until the 25th!! I still can't believe that I got a positive so early!! The last time I didn't test positive until like the day before AF was due.....guess maybe this is a good sign showing my body is producing a lot of hormones!! YEAH me!! Well, good luck and lots of sticky lucky baby dust to the rest of you! I will keep checking in to see if there are any more BFP's!!


kitten117 - July 21

Tammy- got any early pregnancy signs yet?


Tammy276 - July 22

yeah, a few little ones. I am gassy, constipated and my nipples are a little sore and itchy!! Oh yeah, and did I mention EMOTIONAL!!


liltif - July 24

CD 15
DD 5 1/2
Receptionist/HR support at JDSU in Indianapolis.

Tammy how are you?
Everyone else OK?

Well I think that I'm o'ing, but maybe on the left side. That is the side that does not have a fallopian tube! There is like a 1% chance that I could get pg from that side. But now it is going back and forth from the left to the right side. I dunno!! I have not taken any opk's, just not worring about it this month. I am getting a little bit of the ewcm..... have not had any while on the clomid, so that could be a good sign...

I hope that everyone is doing great and having a great Monday. I'm off half day tomorrow and the rest of the week for vacation. I'm not going anywhere, just staying home with DD before she starts her new day care and goes to Kindergarten in 3 weeks!!! :-( She has grown up so fast! She has been saying all weekend that she is going to be a big sister soon, and I asked her how she knew and she said "because I want to be a big sister." She even talked about what the names would be for a boy and a girl! We were at Walmart and she said that we need to get baby bottles for when the baby comes! I think she knew when I was pg the past 2 times. She would say little things and ask, but we didn't want to tell her. Well we did tell her when I was pg the second time, but she was 2 1/2, so I don't think she remembers. I pray that God will answer her prayers along with mine and DH, to give her a little brother or sister.

Good Luck to everyone!!! My prayers are with you all!

Awe, I'm sad now. My friend emailed me and told me that his cousin's daughter was in Riley Children's hospital on Friday bc she was diagnosed with Leaukemia. She is almost 3. I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I am also a Riley kid. Since I was 3 days old the docs found I have a hole in my heart called a VSD. They didn't want to repair it bc it is very small and it was supposed to close on its own, well it never did. So I have to go back to Riley every 2 years for X-Rays, EKGs, and to see my cardiologists. Since I have had a child it will never close, due to the extra stress on your heart during pregnancy. My mother didn't bother to tell me that she was told when I was younger that if I was to get pg and have a child then I should have a c-section bc of my heart, well she didn't say anything till after the fact and I had DD vag, and when I went to Riley my doc said as long as everything went well, then have as many as I want.... If it were only that easy! Thanks for letting me get some things off my chest.



newmommy - July 26

Hey, girls. How is everyone doing? I'm on cd13, and still on "high" on the CBEFM. I'm just anxious to finally see "ovulating," and wonder if AF will come on it's own this month (or pregnant and no AF--that'd be even better!). I just want to know that my body is ovulating and working like it should---the thought that it's not scares me. I got pregnant once on my own (m/c), but after the D&C and then not having AF come last time until 11 weeks and provera, I'm really having trouble relaxing and trusting that all will be okay. How is everyone else doing?????


kitten117 - July 26

Hi everyone, Tiffany- hope you feel better. newmommy- I’m waiting for my AF to come too, but haven’t have any signs ( she is late again this time). Unfortunately, July is not my month.


liltif - July 29

CD 21
Tammy-how are you?
Thanks Kitten, I do feel better! LOL!
Yesterday was my 5 yr Wedding Anniversary to DH!! We had a great time! I got a second job at Payless Shoes and I start on Monday. I'm not looking forward to it, but I know that we NEED the x-tra $$$! I'm just going to miss being home in the evenings and weekends. Oh well, hopefully it will turn out better than what I think... How is everyone else doing?
Good Luck to everyone! My thoughts and prayers are with you all!


liltif - August 9

CD 31, BFN!
Where is everyone?? I hope you are all OK.
As for me I have been sick with strep throat! UGH!! I went to the doc yesterday and got z-pack and felt better just after 2 pills, so now I have 4 more days of the meds. AF has not shown any signs of coming. I took an Answer test (the 4 day early one) this am and it was a BFN. I kind of had the feeling. Now I just hate this part of waiting to see when af shows. My cycles can go as long as 60 days. But I may o late, so I'll just keep bding when we have time.

Everyone of you are in my thoughts and prayers.



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